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Reformer Pilates

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What is reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a more intense and more dynamic form of mat based Pilates. Reformer Pilates is performed using a reformer machine, designed by Joseph Pilates. Reformer Pilates incorporates traditional Pilates exercises, while standing on top of the reformer machine. This adds resistance via the use of springs and pulleys for more intense training.
The springs and pulleys allow you to choose your desired level of resistance when performing movements aimed at specific muscle groups. The versatility of Reformer Pilates makes it one of the most effective workouts to stretch, strengthen, and tone your body.

What to wear to reformer Pilates class?

The best clothing to wear to a reformer Pilates class is something breathable, elastic and supportive. Reformer Pilates classes usually take place in small rooms with around 10 people per class. The air condenses very quickly, creating a hot and humid environment. If you’re dressed in a very tight outfit without elastane you won’t have enough mobility to do the workout comfortably.
In reformer Pilates, all movements are dynamic, with a great emphasis on posture. Straight or tight-fitting garments will make it easier for you to control the poses of your hips, back, or arms, especially if you are a beginner.

How often should you do reformer Pilates?

A healthy adult can train on a Reformer Pilates up to five days per week. If you’re not used to this level of intensity, start with going fewer days per week until you reach your desired goal.
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What is a reformer Pilates machine?

A reformer Pilates machine is a rectangular platform with a sliding carriage positioned on rails. The rails offer resistance to movement by employing springs of different intensities. The carriage moves along the platform with variable resistance, allowing you to control the intensity of your workout. Its springs, grips, pulleys, and springs allow you to combine different types of exercises ideal for improving your physical condition.
One of its advantages is that the resistance coming from the springs can be used to facilitate an exercise — especially in the case of beginners — and to complicate it in the case of more experienced people.

How much does a reformer Pilates class cost?

The average price of a reformer Pilates class is $85 per session, varying from a minimum of $20 to $65 per session depending on the type of class and frequency.
Reformer Pilates classes are usually taught in groups, although private classes are sometimes an option. The former is generally more economical and the latter more personalized.

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