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    Clients new to Reformer are required to take a beginner class before registering for an intermediate or advanced class. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class or you will risk losing your spot to someone on the wait list.

    Pregnant clients must be less than 30 weeks along to participate in class – you will be on your back quite a bit so please keep this in mind when registering! Pregnant clients 20 weeks along or more must stay in intermediate and beginner classes only.
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District Pilates offers private, semi-private and group classes using both Pilates reformers and chairs. Classes range from beginner to advanced and can be targeted and tailored based off of client’s needs.

Pilates Reformer is ideal for every body type, every level of fitness and every age group. It’s an exercise program that develops core strength as it dynamically works to both stretch and activate muscles, restoring the body’s natural grace, power and balance. District Pilates offers small classes guaranteeing that you’ll receive plenty of guidance and support from their experienced instructors. Pilates can be done either barefoot, in socks or grip socks – it's totally your preference!

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How early should you arrive before class?

  • 5 minutes before