4 Common Misconceptions About Pilates

We’ve all been there: scrolling past a few classes at first glance, thinking your time will be better spent in a different class. Sound familiar? If you feel that way about those Pilates classes in your feed, this article’s for you! We’ll debunk the most common concerns associated with Pilates classes and explain some of the mysteries that exist within the genre. Ready to defy those stereotypes? These four common myths will enlighten you and get you motivated to book that first class at your local Pilates studio!

1. “I hardly sweat during Pilates-based classes, so the benefits aren’t quite as good as my other higher intensity options.”

Yes, and no! While you won’t blast your heart rate, you can be sure there are more benefits than you think. Pilates is focused around refining your muscles: teaching them new awareness within movements and our balance. 

This is especially lucrative for runners, as balance and posture work will help improve running form and also keep you from getting joint injuries like runner’s knee or lower back pain. Supplement your weekly running routine with one to two Pilates classes a week to see a huge improvement in your other workouts. Additionally, once you get the hang of it, opt for a more challenging higher impact alternative like springboard Pilates to give your workout an intense twist.

Some people also think of only one style of pilates, the reformer, when they think of the class. But there are also many different types of pilates, such as mat pilates.

2. “The exercises aren’t that hard.”

While you won’t be hitting your one-rep maximum, you’ll work on strength in other ways. The resistance in Pilates class is meant to be moderate so you can focus on lengthening the muscle groups, allowing you to build strength and flexibility. Additionally, the prolonged periods of time you’re holding movements with that moderate resistance will have you feeling challenged in no time!

3. “Pilates classes are geared toward women.”

Huge myth. Did you know Joseph Pilates (the male founder) actually invented this workout as a physical training series for the armed forces and law enforcement? If you think about it, having balance, flexibility and laser focus into your body awareness is exactly what you need to protect yourself and others. Think of it as your own personal ninja training!

4. “I’m not coordinated enough to try Pilates.”

Not true at all! Every one of us has a starting point in every type of workout, and pilates is no different. Pilates classes are generally much smaller in attendance to allow the instructor to give more attention to each student. Since many of the exercises require you to focus more closely on movement, you’ll be able to learn more effectively with close guidance from your instructor. The primary goal of Pilates is to build coordination and balance from head to toe, so if you’re feeling “less than” in this department, it’s definitely the class for you!

Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer and an active fashion and beauty blogger. She shares her fitness, fashion, and skincare tips on her blog Haute Unofficial. Follow her sporty adventure on Instagram for more fitness, beauty, and active fashion inspo.