Summer is fast approaching! As it gets warmer outside, your clients are going to want to renew their commitments to becoming fit. You can make the process fun and hook new members on your studio by taking advantage of the spring holidays coming up. Here are some tips.



One of the best ways to promote your business is through community participation, and there’s no easier way to do this than with an Easter egg hunt. Plan a high-intensity fitness event in which each egg includes instructions for an exercise that must be completed (i.e. 10 push-ups, 50 jumping jacks or 100 sit-ups) before following the clue to the next egg. It will be fun and create camaraderie with the staff if you place several instructors around the hunt to cheer on participants as they do the exercises. Make sure you promote the event all over the studio and on social media in the weeks prior to Easter. The champion of the hunt should win some kind of prize like a free yoga mat or a discount on classes. You can also turn the event into a family affair by including a more traditional egg hunt for the kids. Make sure you have some low-calorie Easter candies to pass out!

Memorial Day

There are more than 100 marathons and charity walks which take place around the country on Memorial Day. Many of these events kick off with fitness and health expos. You can set up a booth for selling promotions and handing out branded goodie bags at these events. In addition to merch, try to be creative about what people are going to need on the course. Water bottles, protein bars, towels, Emergen-C packets, and other practical items are always popular. When someone stops by, it will give you an opportunity to talk to them about where they live and if they might be interested in trying out a discounted class at your studio. If you have it in the budget, you can also inquire with the event coordinators about becoming a sponsor so that your studio gets placed on registration materials, flyers, and signs. “There are dozens of inventive ways to be present for a race,” said Sherry Orel, CEO of Brand Connections, in an article on marketing at marathons. “Save those left over branded pens from your trade show for…next year’s trade show.”

In addition to attracting new clients, marathons and walks can be a great chance to motivate your current members. Start promoting your involvement as a sponsor as soon as possible and encourage your clients to sign up. You can offer to put together training and nutrition programs for members that are intimidated by the prospect of participating. You should also share the link for event registration and send out email blasts when registration is closing. At the event, you can make your members feel like they’re VIP by preparing special bags for them with goodies such as wipes, face mist, a beverage, and snacks. You can also record Facebook live videos of your members talking about how they trained for the day when they stop by to say hello. Make sure all the social media content you post tags the other event sponsors.

Also, don’t forget about the Early Bird Memorial Day specials on equipment. They usually start around mid-May and they’re a great way to get deals on ellipticals, treadmills, and other new machines.

Summer Slim-down

Spring is the optimal time to run slim-down challenges for clients who missed your January specials or gave up on their New Year’s resolutions. It’s best to promote them as an opportunity for fast weight loss as people are looking to get in shape for summer quickly. Twenty-one days to eight weeks is a popular time frame. Marketing consultant Bedros Keuillian recommends a six-week transformation challenge with pre-made meal plans, daily motivational emails, and a big party at the end for all participants. “People who are not already accustomed to regular workouts really like [a very specific time frame],” he said.

Mother’s Day

Gyms like Planet Fitness have had huge success offering philanthropic Mother’s Day promotions. Take a tip from them and run a weeklong special before Mother’s Day in which you donate all enrollment fees to a women’s related cause like the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research or women’s rights advocacy at Amnesty International. You can end the special on Mother’s Day with a class designed for members and their moms. It can be something fun but not too intense like a dance-based cardio class or something relaxing like restorative yoga. Like some Pure Barre locations, you might consider ending the workout with celebratory mimosas and muffins (whole grain, of course!). You can also use the after-party as a chance to push promotions that will encourage mom to come back to the studio.