Your studio needs to live and breathe your vision, but it can be difficult to take the idea you have in your head and communicate that to your future employees and clients—not to mention those who are unfamiliar with the fitness world.

Elan Miller, a consultant and startup founder featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, says, “When it comes to vision statements and speaking to the world, it’s all about who it resonates with.”

A solid vision statement can unify a company, but if you’re not careful, unclear or disjointed messaging can fall flat. Miller explains, “Your vision might not be impactful to the entire world but it should be meaningful to a specific subset. People have to understand the vision. Just because you put something into words doesn’t mean you’re putting something into action.”

Take Nike, which is perhaps the most renowned brand known for mastering the vision statement and executing it on all fronts. Everything Nike does is geared toward athletes, but since the company believes that everyone can be an athlete, its advertisements, marketing, social media, apps, merchandise and so on can resonate with anyone. It’s a clear and consistent message.

“That’s the dream, for it all to make sense,” Miller says. “It needs to be unified to the point where even if I don’t know the vision of the gym, I can get a sense for it just by what’s around me, what other people are there, who is present.” Reflect on how you might be able to do this for your own space. How can you integrate your vision into everything you create: is it about your colors and decor, your music, or the apparel options you offer? Is it about who you market to? Branding alone plays a big role in communicating your vision to existing and potential clients.

When it comes to solidifying  your vision, think about how your brand can go beyond the product. Miller asks his clients one simple, but loaded, question: What do you believe that nobody else believes?

Start by answering that question for yourself. Then, go on social media and see what you can find as far as images, Tweets, Facebook or Pinterest posts, etc., that offer similar sentiments. Engage with what’s already out there to help guide you in refining your own vision.

“From there,” Miller says, “you can create a community around the ideal. If you’re not able to do that, it’s a good indicator that your vision doesn’t resonate with enough people and it’s not authentic.”

A well-articulated vision statement is also a great recruiting tool. With a clear vision, you can find people who harbor similar beliefs and are willing to join your mission. “Having this North Star to look forward to,” Miller says, “will help your company and everyone’s individual roles align with company’s goals.” An authentic vision will shine through your employees and excite others—even those unfamiliar with fitness—to join your unique community.