Top studios around the world increase revenue by at least 20% by filling their unsold spots with ClassPass. Get more insights, more bookings, more earnings by partnering with ClassPass

Read on to learn more about ClassPass Smart Tools and how it helps wellness and studio partners increase revenue

What are ClassPass’ Smart Tools?

ClassPass’ SmartTools (SmartSpot & SmartRate) are adaptive tools that use historic and real-time data to learn and help optimize your revenue and spots on ClassPass.

How are SmartTools working during COVID-19 with market shutdowns and capacity restrictions?

Due to COVID-19, studios are reopening into a very different world than before – but partners are seeing positive results with our SmartTools. 

Here’s what we saw in Q2:

Only 2.6% of classes on SmartSpot with a ClassPass user were sold out – meaning 97.4% of classes either had:

  • Extra spots and ClassPass users, or
  • No ClassPass users

Classes on SmartRate that were directly filled 90%+ saw an average payout of 78% of estimated client 10-pack prices.

Despite capacity constraints due to COVID-19, in Q2 2020, ClassPass users rarely took the last spot, plus studios saw high payouts for reservations in classes that were sold out or near sold out. 

How does SmartSpot work?

Step 1
List your schedule

Set your class schedule in whichever scheduling platform you use. ClassPass connects to dozens of bookings platforms to make things effortless. 

Step 2
We find your unfilled spots

SmartSPot looks at every class and every time slot on your schedule to analyze your fill history. It releases the spots it predicts you won’t fill on your own and checks your scheduling platform every hour to account for real-time demand. 

Step 3
Protect the spots you’d fill on your own

SmartSpot is designed to list the spots you aren’t likely to fill directly – and not the ones you normally fill with your own direct clients, plain and simple. Plus, SmartSpot accounts for walk-ins to avoid overbooking.

How does SmartRate work?

SmartRate analyzes your demand by class, dynamically adjusting credit pricing. SmartRate charges less for lower-demand spots and more for popular ones.

Want to learn more about SmartSpot and SmartRate?

Watch our video here. Check out other resources we have about how to run a successful fitness business