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This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by DanZa Productions and were last updated on 3/30/21.

Social distancing measures

Floor markers in place to make sure everyone stays in a safe distance

Mask-wearing policies

Mandatory 3 layers masks (students and instructors) inside the building + while taking classes ( no exceptions) - if you don't have one, we are selling them for 1 CAD

Contactless check-in

There´s no waiting room and our check in is all online or through one of the receptionists.Please remember to fill up your COVID-19 waiver before coming in. You'll only be allowed inside the facility with one form filled and signed up.

Limited capacity

Maximum class size at this point is 7 people at STUDIO 1 and 5 people at STUDIO 2

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Tue, Apr 13
There are no classes Today, Apr 13.
Tuesday, April 20
45 min

Maira Daiha
Wednesday, April 21
45 min

Marisol Ruiz
45 min

Celina M. Villarroel Whiting
45 min

Celina M. Villarroel Whiting
Thursday, April 22
45 min

Andrew J. Hampton
45 min

Andrew J. Hampton
Friday, April 23
45 min

Marisol Ruiz
Saturday, April 24
45 min

Roslyn Bauyon
Monday, April 26
45 min

Marisol Ruiz
45 min

Celina M. Villarroel Whiting


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