The Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Every Budget

It was December 2016 when my mom gifted me my first essential oil diffuser. My aunt had started working for one of those companies selling what, at the time, I thought to be an MLM hoax. But, a few drops of lavender essential oil later, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon and became one of the essential oil market’s #1 ambassadors.

What started as a basic love for the wondrous smells that would fill my tiny apartment bedroom at night soon grew to become an interest in learning more about what exactly these essential oils could do for my mind and body. Loads of research later, I learned that there were different use cases for each oil — that some could be applied topically and even ingested, and that they offered health benefits ranging from reduced anxiety and better sleep to alleviating pain and preventing illness. I was hooked!

Years later, I’ve since upgraded my essential oil collection (yes, there are specific brands that aren’t authentic and some that work better than others) along with my diffuser. Diffusing is still my favorite way of utilizing my oils, as it’s simple, easy to use and always leaves my bedroom smelling fantastic. But diffusers can get pricey, and since I believe that wellness should be accessible to everyone no matter what their budget looks like, I’m going to showcase diffuser brands that come at all different price points below. Keep reading for my favorites!

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser

This was actually the first essential oil diffuser I had and, despite its extremely inexpensive price point, I can vouch for how well it works. The diffuser lights up (if you’re into that sort of thing) and is definitely on the cheaper-looking side, but its ability to fill a small space with your favorite oil is just as on point as that of the more expensive diffusers.

Buy it now: Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser, $17

Artnaturals Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’re just getting into essential oils and aren’t sure if you want to commit to the wellness practice quite yet, this brand is a great option. It fills a fairly large space considering its low price and the wood exterior works with nearly any type of interior decor.

Buy it now: Artnaturals Essential Oil Diffuser, $27

Essential Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser & Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

I love the Essential Wellness diffuser because it can fit right into your bedroom without looking bulky or out of place. The four timer settings come in handy if you want oils diffusing all day long or sporadically during the night. It also doubles as a cool mist humidifier, so you’re getting even more bang for your buck.

Buy it now: Essential Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser & Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $37

Muji Portable Diffuser

Muji’s gotten a rep for having strong-smelling diffusers, but what we love most about this option is that it’s portable! You can easily diffuse your favorite scents at the office, while traveling or even just at home on a regular basis.

Buy it now: Muji Portable Diffuser, $60

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

This is actually the essential oil diffuser that I have set up in my apartment (currently diffusing organic eucalyptus oil as we speak) and I am obsessed, to say the least. The stone exterior is different than any other diffuser I’ve ever seen and blends so seamlessly into any interior decor. I love the sleek and simple look, and it diffuses all of my favorite scents perfectly with its dual run-time settings.

Buy it now: Vitruvi, $119

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