Protein Snack Ideas

You know that point in the middle of the day—your eyelids start to feel heavy, you’re contemplating another cup of office coffee and then your stomach rumbles. Lunchtime has long passed, but dinner is still a couple of hours away. Instead of grabbing a pack of sugary candy or a bag of greasy chips from the vending machine, open your drawer to a plethora of these protein-packed goodies. You’ll feel fuller longer and will be well-powered for that workout class you promised your friend you’d join her for later. Hunger, solved!

For when you’re craving a little chocolate

Have you ever noticed that chocolate-covered nuts are often heavier on the chocolate than the nut? We’re not complaining, but that does kind of defeat the purpose of eating protein-packed almonds. This brand combines the best of both worlds: whole almonds skinny dipped in a thin layer of artisan dark chocolate. Two of the flavors are even finished off with a whisper of raspberry or espresso dust.

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For when you want chips

Craving something crunchy? Enter: a cracker made an entirely of cheese. It’s not only high in protein but also wheat-free, gluten-free, trans fat-free, sugar-free, rich in calcium and naturally low in calories and carbs. It comes in tons of flavors so you can even top off your soups and salads with these crisps.

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For granola bar lovers

This bar is special: It’s stuffed! The brand’s original oat bar has been paired with nut butters like peanut and almond, plus chocolate and coconut. It’s also gluten-free and contains seven grams of protein.

Buy it now: Bobo’s Stuff’d Bars

For a quick boost of energy

With up to 13 grams of protein, these energy balls are the perfect response to the pesky middle of the day hunger or a post-workout pick-me-up snack. Choose from one of the six delicious, nutritious flavors!

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For a taste of all your faves

Trail mix is always a great go-to snack, but the contents matter. This one includes dark chocolate, crunchy organic nuts and naturally sweet dried fruits. Along with four grams of protein in a serving, it also packs in a good source of antioxidants such as vitamin E, selenium and magnesium.

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For a caffeine fix

How do you take your coffee? This one comes with an added 12 grams of protein and three grams of fiber—not to mention a smooth and creamy texture.

Buy it now: High Brew Creamy Cappuccino and Protein

For those with food sensitivities

When a mom kept having to say no to her child who had food sensitivities, she created her own snack bar that he could actually eat. It’s filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients like macadamias, sea salt, dark chocolate and sun-dried fruit and comes in four delicious flavors. Plus, it’s good for your body and the environment—the packaging is 100-percent compostable and comes from responsibly managed forests.

Buy it now: The Yes Bar

For peanut butter people

What do you get when you place organic peanut butter inside high quality, organic and Rainforest Alliance-certified chocolate? Peanut butter cup perfection! Oh, yes, and loads of protein.

Buy it now: Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

For something simple

This bar is upfront; the label lists every single ingredient in big, bold letters. You’ll never have to guess what you’re noshing on. Staying awake at work and energized through your after-hours workout? Win!

Buy it now: RXBAR

For pumpkin fans

Nope, we’re not talking PSLs. You can eat pumpkin seeds any time of the year for a protein-filled snack. They even come in tons of flavors. Our favorite? Chili lime!

Buy it now: Good Sense Pumpkin Seeds

For when you really want a cookie

Your favorite flavors—chocolate chip, double chocolate, peanut butter, snickerdoodle—now with non-dairy protein and low sugar. You’ll also get antioxidant-rich cacao in the brown rice and pea protein blend of ingredients.

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For meat lovers

With loads of flavors, you can satisfy your savory, sweet and salty cravings and get your protein fix in either jerky, a beef stick or bar.

Buy it now: KRAVE Jerky

For when you want to eat your cake too

Red velvet, chocolate and birthday cake disguised as a healthy snack? We’re in! Get 12 grams of protein and only one gram of sugar in these gluten-free, GMO-free bite-sized bakery goods.

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