6 Unbiased Websites To Keep You Informed This Election Season

In case you hadn’t noticed, the countdown to the 2018 Midterm elections is on. November 6th isn’t very far away. There is no denying that the country is divided on many different issues and campaigning is at an all-time high (or low, depending on the way you look at it).

The endless media coverage reminds us daily that voting draws nearer, and with this not-so-gentle reminder comes the endless stream of information: candidates’ stances (or lack of), their secrets, their scandals and their strengths.

It can be a little overwhelming trying to process all of these details, much less know if the info you’re receiving is correct. No matter which way you’re voting, it’s important to look for unbiased, accurate coverage; that way, you’ll know you’re making the best choice for yourself and the people around you, and perhaps better understand how every voting American’s choices will affect the state of the nation.

Here are our top resources for 2018 elections coverage:

1. IssueVoter

IssueVoter is the most effective way to use your democratic power. We all have opinions — and we often share them on social media. But this site gives your the opportunity to give your opinions more weight in the political realm. Start by selecting issues you have strong feelings about, or know little to nothing about. When new bills related to your interests come up, you can offer your opinions, send feedback directly to your representative and track if the elected officials voted your way.

2. Vote411

This non-profit site, created by the League of Women Voters, is an all-in-one tool to compare candidates’ positions side-by-side, register to vote and see how issues affect your county and state. “Search issues by state” is one of their neatest functions. They also offer great info for military and overseas voters, so no matter where you’ll be November 6, you’ll be able to make a difference by casting your vote.

3. FactCheck

Fact Check does precisely what it sounds like, uncovering the truths and untruths behind everything said by political figures via videos, speeches, publications and websites. It’s a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, an advocacy non-profit, and is delightfully non-partisan. You can also pose your own questions to the site and selected queries will be answered.

4. PolitiFact

Another fact-checking site, Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact uses a fun meter system to gauge the relative truthfulness of candidates’ statements. You can search by state, person, truthfulness or promise, and the state tabs tend to be up to date with current news.

5. Ballotpedia

A veritable encyclopedia for all things election, this site covers federal, state and local elections, including calendars of dates, parties, candidates, platforms and information on voter ID, polling stations, ballots and absentee voting. 

6. Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote is your go-to personal voting reminder and info system. While the non-partisan site is geared towards younger adults and new votes, it’s a powerful tool for anyone to keep track of your own democratic responsibility. Complete the pledge to vote in the coming election (and register easily), as well as receive reminders, info on your polling station and information on your district’s elected officials.

Amy Height is a holistic health coach, triathlete and yogi traveling North America full-time to discover the best in nutrition and fitness. She shares healthy living ideas and plant-based, gluten-free recipes at From the Ground Up Wellness. Follow the adventures and find some fit-foodie inspiration on Instagram, amyheight.