9 Yogis Share Their Surprising Fave Place to Strike a Pose

The best part about yoga is that you can pretty much do it anywhere. On vacation? The beach is your yoga mat. Camping with a bird’s eye view of the sunrise? Break out those sunrise salutations. Avid yogis love that they can do their practice anywhere.

In fact, some have gone above and beyond when it comes to seeking out new and interesting places to strike a pose. We asked 9 yogis to share their favorite, avant garde locations to practice yoga, and they didn’t disappoint. Here are some of the coolest views to vinyasa to:

On A Rooftop


“The serene rooftop of my Astoria apartment building is my favorite spot. I find both power and peace in the view overlooking the city.” -Madison Scott, 24, practicing for just over 6 years

In The Hot Tub


“My favorite place is hanging upside down in my hammock on my deck overlooking the ocean. I also like doing traditional yoga, unconventionally, in the hot tub.”Carmen Curtis, yoga instructor, practicing for over two decades

By The Water


“My favorite place to strike a pose is any place out in nature! This is where I feel my deepest connection to the source of my inner peace, power and love!” Melissa Jill, yoga instructor, practicing for 19 years

At The Taj Mahal


“My favorite place to strike a post is at famous landmarks and destinations. For example, I had my (new) husband snap some photos while we were at the Taj Mahal for our honeymoon. The setting was gorgeous of course, but best of all it inspired other visitors to strike their favorite asanas, too!” Jessa Mehta, yoga instructor, practicing for 12 years

By A Waterfall


“The beauty of practicing yoga outdoors is to deeply connect with nature. Your senses take in the smells, sounds, sensations of sunshine and a breeze on your skin, and you begin to feel present in that moment and fully alive.” – Yulia Sauter, yoga instructor, practicing yoga for 10 years

In the Outfield


“It’s hard not to stop, drop, and yoga when someplace fun. Our favorites? Graffiti and art walls, on a beach (obviously), and of course, any place that is unique — such as the outfield at Nationals Park.” -Amy Mitchell, founder of ProYOGA Corporate Wellness, practicing for 10 years

At The Museum Of Fine Arts


“I’ve taught yoga on a harbor sunset cruise on the Atlantic, Riverside on the Charles River, under a 60′ tall glass sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts, under tents, and much more.” Sara Divello, yoga instructor, practicing for 16 years

Anywhere In Nature


“My favorite places to ‘strike a pose’ is definitely anywhere in nature. Us yogis love nature, the earth, and anything to do with the universe. We (particularly me) feel most free outside.” –Beth Fields, yoga instructor, practicing for 18 years

On a Paddleboard


“I adore my sacred daily asana practice and meditation, but I’ve been wanting something more silly, more playful, something to get me shook up, excited, and laughing. Sometimes you go deep with yoga (don’t get me wrong I love that) but it’s also good to stay lighthearted, and when I do acro yoga I access that ability to play. When I do acro yoga on a paddleboard I laugh hysterically while getting inverted in the air — and usually tossed into the water. You have no choice but to laugh (really hard) and be present in each moment. It’s amazing!” Kaela May, 27, practicing yoga for nine years

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