Is this the Hardest Class in NYC?


Brooklyn Bodyburn offers the hardest class in NYC — yes, this is a bold statement.

Do we believe it? Yup. Will we stand behind it? Absolutely — until someone proves otherwise. (This IS a challenge to all studios out there — we challenge you to make a class harder than this, and please, invite us!)

So, what is this class? What makes it so hard?
This is not just a Pilates class, and not even the same as classes at studios using the same MegaFormer machine. At Brooklyn Bodyburn, you spend a solid amount of time in each movement — going beyond the point of muscle fatigue and into what feels like muscle death. This is what happens in your brain:

…after what feel like an eternity of pushing the carriage out in lunges … omg, when are we going to be done with these lunges …

TEACHER: ok 20 more seconds here

… 20 more seconds?! wtf! …

TEACHER: ok and in 5 seconds, we are going to hold it down in the squat.

hold it down?! ahhhhh. I thought we were almost done!!!!

TEACHER: ok, hold it down for 5 more seconds, then we are going to pulse.

pulse? I have lost all feeling in my leg … and my abs … and my brain … ahhh!!!

The good news? You are now done with this movement. The bad news? Eventually, you are going to have to repeat it on the other leg … and there are no “breaks” or “easier” moves. You go from one seemingly impossible movement to the next even more impossible movement. (I think the “easiest” exercise I’ve ever done at a Brooklyn Bodyburn class is a squat using the carriage for resistance and with weights in hands — basically, a squat on steroids. Yeah, that’s as easy as it gets!)

The Megaformer
The intensity of each movement is amplified by the fact that you are on the MegaForner. While this machine may not look intimidating, don’t mistake it for a “just” a Pilates reformer.

The official description of a MegaFormer: Sebastien Lagree’s patented MegaFormer trains the WHOLE body by providing infinitely more exercise options than a traditional reformer and constant resistance through its system of springs and pulleys. It encourages maximum exertion…


This description is missing one key part: the heard of sharks.

You’ve seen cartoons where there are sharks circling down-below the protagonist as she struggles to survive?

It’s as if that is what is underneath your MegaFormer as you shake and struggle through dancing bear, catfish with pushups, french twist, and more. (Yes, each of these are different movements — don’t be fooled by the seemingly friendly names. You never want to meet a dancing bear. We are pretty confident of this now.)

How do we know this is the hardest class?

First, we brought our friends … and now some of them are no longer our friends. (Kidding … they just might not go to class with us anymore.)

Second, we’ve experienced the day-after pain  … and the two-days after pain … and the three-days after pain. Basically, you are left with a deep burn for a few days.

Third, we are a fitness start-up. We go to 10+ classes per week and like to think that we have seen and done it all. From Cross Fit to Barry’s to your most intense spin class, nothing has challenged us like a 50 minute session at Brooklyn Bodyburn.

Who this class is good for?
Olympic athletes, body builders, magicians …

No seriously, this class is good for anyone who loves a challenge. We think it is pretty impossible that you will go to this class once, sweat and burn through the workout and not want to immediately book another class to improve from your initial, most-likely-shaky performance.

Studio founder Tracy Carlinsky doesn’t believe in watering it down (good thing, more water might lift those circling sharks dangerously closer to our shaking core…). This class is the real deal.

Love a challenge but not sure you are ready for Brooklyn Bodyburn? Sign up for one of their Intro to Bodyburn classes. And, no matter which class you start with, be sure to show up a full 10 minutes early. The teachers do a great job of orienting you to the machine ahead of class.

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