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    Try the FIT HIIT classes for a great combination of cardio & strength!
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Everyone has the right to live a healthy, fit life. At FIT RxN our goal is to make this a reality for all of you; to activate a fitness regime that will motivate your mind and body, while keeping you engaged, healthy and injury free.
Over the years we have seen too many people who, for one reason or another, have let their health take a back seat to other aspects of life: family commitments, chronic illness, time constraints, work, etc... We have also seen people become completely uninspired when their monotonous workouts fail to show results. But, we have seen the changes, both physical and emotional, that come from regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Even seasoned athletes benefit from learning new techniques, varying workouts and training with a supportive group of people. Our classes promise to bring your training to a new level, to challenge your muscles and your mind in new ways and to introduce you to new workouts. FIT RxN offers a range of classes for participants of all levels, led by qualified instructors who will ensure that your workouts are inspired and exciting and meet your individual needs.

We feel strongly that it is important to vary your workouts and to strengthen & tone key muscles in more ways than one, so we have incorporated classes that will increase endurance, build essential core strength and improve flexibility. We look forward to watching your transformation and to guiding you on your journey to looking and feeling amazing.