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    DASH 28 will provide you with a strong foundation while you build your mileage. The running portion generally covers between two and three miles, and class ends with strength and power training. THE DISTANCE is perfect for all those seeking a more challenging run. You will be on the treadmill for the entire 60-minute class. Expect to get in at least five miles. HIGH 45 is the bridge between the popular DASH 28 class and THE DISTANCE. Be prepared for 45-minutes of speed, tempo, hills and sprints.
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Mile High policies: customers need to be checked-in 5 minutes before class, otherwise they run a risk of losing their treadmill. Also, running through the strength portion of a DASH 28 class is not allowed.
Mile High Run Club features expertly coached group treadmill classes designed to improve power, speed, and endurance. Mile High interval classes are designed for all fitness levels and not just for runners.
The three original classes offered at Mile High are a foundation building class called the DASH 28, which incorporates strength + power training with kettlebells, a 45-minute running only class called HIGH 45, and a 60-minute advanced class called THE DISTANCE where we cover between 5 and 7 miles.
A new offering, DIRTY 30, is a 30-minute running only class is designed for maximum benefits in a shorter format. Expect to cover between 2 and 3 miles in this high-intensity interval-based run.
All classes include a variety of speed and hill intervals with mileage ranging from 2 to 7 miles or more!
TIP FOR BEGINNERS: shorter classes like the DASH 28 have shorter intervals.

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  • Mile High Run policy: customers need to be checked-in 5 minutes before class, otherwise they run a risk of losing their treadmill. You will not be permitted to switch your treadmill when reserving via ClassPass, before 9am and after 5pm on weekdays & weekend mornings, so please do not ask the MHRC staff to move your spot. Thank you in advance for your understanding!