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    ***All new students must arrive 15 minutes early. If it is your first chair class you must also arrive 15 minutes early. You will be turned away if you do not arrive on time or get an equipment introduction. For ChaisePedal classes, please allow yourself additional time for bike set-up and fitting. If you are a returning client you will be turned away if you are more than 5 min late for class.***
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ChaiseFitness' Reinvention Method combines Pilates, ballet and aerobics; transcending these by incorporating a custom overhead bungee system creating long and lean muscles. Their Method will improve your flexibility, balance and posture to transform you into your best self.

Raised by a ballerina and herself a competitive figure skater since childhood, ChaiseFitness is the natural culmination of founder Lauren Piskin’s lifelong passion for health and wellness and 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry. After launching and running the successful and popular private Pilates studio Physicalmind on New York's Upper East Side, Lauren “wanted to get Pilates off of it’s back and bring it into the modern upbeat vibe of New York City.”

It was during this time that Lauren’s daughter Rachel’s successful ballet career took an unexpected turn. Dancing prestigious parts since childhood and a member of New York City Ballet at the age of 16, after 20 years as an elite athlete Rachel found her body shutting down.

Rachel struggled with her body and weight after she stopped dancing and had a hard time maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She was on the verge of giving up when Lauren began developing the Reinvention Method. “The two of us started experimenting and creating a new type of fitness that actually changed my body and not only brought it back to where it was when I was dancing, but even stronger and healthier. Not only was my mom my biggest supporter, she and the Reinvention Method were the answer to all of my frustrations with my body.”

Born out of years of Lauren’s professional experience and refined by Rachel’s personal journey, the Reinvention Method is a true collaboration. Infused with elements of Pilates, ballet and aerobics with the addition of the overhead bungees, ChaiseFitness creates long lean muscles, increases flexibility and ultimately transforms your body to the best it can be.

The energy of the mother-daughter team of Lauren and Rachel are the driving force behind this unique workout. Their passion and innovation enhanced by their sense of community led to the effectiveness of the Reinvention Method. ChaiseFitness is a truly unique workout experience that will reinvent your body. strength training and ballet to create a unique workout specifically designed to target those hard to reach trouble areas (think lower abs, glutes, and underarms). Their Method is comprised of two complementary classes – Reinvention Chair and Cardio Chair.

Please note- ClassPass clients are not eligible for ChaiseFitness New Client Intro Offer of 3 classes for $33.