• Carter Fitness
    Strength Training

    Carter Fitness

    671 Wilmer Ave, Cincinnati


    This workout was AWESOME! Jimmy was the best - he put together a (very challenging) HIIT circuit style workout for ~20 people and still managed to make me feel like I had a personal trainer. He was both fun (joked around throughout class) and serious (making sure everyone’s form was in check). Everyone else at the gym was super welcoming as well. I really got the feeling that this is a big family here, moreso than at any other gym I’ve tried on classpass. I will definitely be back... in a week or so, once I’m no longer sore. This class was tough!
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    Carter Fitness was founded in 2014 in order to provide the people of Linwood, Mt…
  • System of Strength
    Pilates,Yoga,Strength Training

    System of Strength

    4721 Red Bank Rd, Cincinnati

    HIGH+TIGHT (heated)

    Liked the heated class and great, upbeat instructor. Modifications were offered but still weren’t very back friendly. Beautiful, sleek space and a great crowd.
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    Your body is a complex system. System of Strength was developed to give your body…
  • The Body Shop Fitness & Training
    Strength Training

    The Body Shop Fitness & Training

    3458 Cardiff Avenue, Cincinnati


    This was a tough class! Focused on shoulders, chest and triceps. Did a bunch of different exercises and used different equipment which was fun. Angela was very attentive in answering questions, correcting form and making fun conversation. Will definitely take her class again!
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    The Body Shop is not your average local gym. Their training studio is managed and…
  • Swift Movement Studio
    Strength Training

    Swift Movement Studio

    4460 W Mitchell Ave, Cincinnati
    Safety guidelines

    Acro Yoga Class

    Absolutely loved it. Went by myself and have never done it before so I was really nervous but the others in the group were really welcoming. They all helped me work through the moves and it was a lot of fun.
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    Swift Movement focuses on creating a fun way to learn new skills, becoming healthier…
  • Cincy 360 Fitness
    Strength Training

    Cincy 360 Fitness

    3833 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati

    Cincy Circuit

    This was a great combo of strength and cardio! I did not feel like the other class goers were clique y at all like some of the previous posts had said - everyone was very welcoming. As far as the class goes, can push yourself as much or as little as you want here. I didn’t feel like I got as good of a workout in as I was hoping but then was way more sore than anticipated today so it will sneak up on you!
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    Cincy 360 Fitness is an award-winning personal training studio located on Eastern…
  • Crunch
    Dance,Stretching,Gym Time,Pilates,Yoga,Strength Training,Cycling,Martial Arts


    7520 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati

    Muscle Maker Small Group Training

    Loved the group setting and exercises!
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    Crunch Gym's philosophy is that there is no such thing as too much or not enough…
  • Crunch Gym
    Dance,Stretching,Gym Time,Boxing,Pilates,Yoga,Strength Training,Martial Arts

    Crunch Gym

    77 Spiral Drive, Florence

    Badass Bootcamp (Small Group Training)

    Catrina was great and the class kicked my out-of-shape butt!
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    Crunch Gym's philosophy is that there is no such thing as too much or not enough…
  • Wyoming Fitness HIIT
    Strength Training

    Wyoming Fitness HIIT

    A&HT Church - 334 Burns Ave., Cincinnati
    This HIIT class combines High Intensity Interval Training to music. NO DANCING.…

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