Burnout—it’s a term that can apply to almost anything in our lives. It’s best described as a state of emotional, mental, and sometimes physical exhaustion caused by prolonged and repeated stress.  

Employee burnout, specifically, is a pervasive issue that affects both individuals and organizations. It can lead to decreased productivity and a decline in overall employee well-being. 

The problem with employee burnout is that it’s not necessarily caused by working too much. Instead, it’s often due to less-than-ideal working conditions (i.e., a culture of overworking, unrealistic expectations and timelines, lack of flexibility or acknowledgement, etc.). As a result, companies need to take a proactive role to maintain a healthy and productive work environment. Here are some strategies to help.  

A major antidote that companies can integrate is a comprehensive wellness program that addresses all dimensions of health. Consider whether your company is currently combatting employee burnout by addressing the following. 

Here are the best ways to prevent employee burnout: 

  • Offer a beneficial wellness program
  • Offer training and development opportunities 
  • Remind employees of the company’s “why”
  • Prioritize giving back 

Offer a beneficial wellness program 

Wellness programs are a must when looking to strengthen company culture and individual engagement. When you consider how much time is spent at work in one’s lifetime, encouraging the physical and emotional well-being of your employees only makes sense.  

Implement initiatives that support employee well-being. Encourage physical activity, mindfulness practices, and stress management techniques. Provide resources and education on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Take the time to break down who your company is comprised of and what those individuals value. When you do this, you will be more likely to implement a wellness program that truly resonates with your employees.  

Offer training and development opportunities 

Provide opportunities for skill development and growth. Offering training programs, mentorship, or cross-functional projects will help employees expand their knowledge and enhance their skills. This sense of progress and development increases job satisfaction and prevents stagnation. 

Remind employees of the company’s “why” 

When bombarded by meetings, deadlines, and an endless workload, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger why at work. Remind employees of the vision and mission of your company by regularly integrating your brand values in culture-driven activities and messaging. Doing so will reinforce the connection between employee contributions and big picture goals.  

Prioritize giving back 

Known as the “helper’s high,” volunteering and giving to others results in a boost to both our physical and mental health. Incorporating charitable activities in your workplace culture fosters higher morale and camaraderie. As a result, employees will feel more connected—and empowered—at work. 

Preventing burnout requires a proactive and ongoing effort. Regularly assess the well-being of your employees, ask for feedback, and make necessary adjustments to wellness programming that creates the most supportive work environment possible.   

ClassPass can help you create a company culture that prevents employee burnout. Contact us to learn more.  

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