SoulFusion at SoulBeat Spin and Barre Studio

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by SoulBeat Spin and Barre Studio and were last updated on 8/4/21.

Extra sanitation

We take extra steps to keep the studio clean by continuously wiping down surfaces, offering hand sanitation stations throughout & deep cleanings every week!

Limited capacity

Maximum class sizes are as follows:Spin: 28Barre + HIIT: 25TRX: 20

Contactless check-in

Verbal check in at front desk!

Equipment policies

We provide mats, weights and towels.Spin: We do NOT rent shoes, but have dual cages (SPD or Sneaker cages)Barre: Sticky socks are recommended, socks available for sale at the front desk!

Tue, Jul 5
There are no upcoming “SoulFusion” reservations on this day.

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