10 reasons to get a Shiatsu massage 

Shiatsu massage is a popular health treatment that originated in Japan but is now widely practiced around the world. But should you give Shiatsu massage a try? Keep reading for the top reasons why you should get a Shiatsu massage.  

Shiatsu therapists help restore healthy energy in the body by applying pressure with their hands, fingers and elbows to specific areas of the body. The massage follows the energy pathways in the body to release muscle tension and improve circulation. This makes it a great treatment option for chronic pain sufferers and anyone looking to reduce stress.  

Unlike many western massages, oil is not used and clients typically remain fully clothed for the treatment. 

The top benefits of receiving a Shiatsu massage

There are many great benefits of getting a Shiatsu massage including reduced back pain, decreased stress levels, improved sleep patterns and decreased fatigue. 

Increases good energy 

One of the main aims of Shiatsu massage is to balance energy in the body, also known as qi or chi. Through this practice, Shiatsu therapists are trained to apply pressure and release tension in an intentional way to improve your entire body health.  

The treatment follows meridians – the pathways of energy throughout your body – to encourage a healthy flow of the body’s vital energy.  

Reduces back pain 

Shiatsu massage can relieve tension in the back to improve stiffness and pain. This will help increase back mobility, improve posture and reduce back pain.  

Reduces chronic pain  

Along with back pain, Shiatsu massage has been shown to improve chronic pain such as arthritis. The treatment works by improving blood flow and circulation in the body which can aid the healing of injured muscles. It also helps remove tension from the body and promotes relaxation for a reduction in chronic pain. 

Improves blood circulation 

Shiatsu massage helps increase blood circulation which in turn oxygenates muscles and removes stress hormones in the body. This is great for boosting mood and helping sore muscles heal quicker. If you’ve recently had a hard workout then this could be the perfect post-recovery massage for you.  

Reduces stress and anxiety 

Massage therapy has been found to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Shiatsu massage is especially great for releasing tightly wound muscles which in turn releases endorphins to boost your mood.  

This treatment allows you to relax and enjoy the tension leaving your muscles. It aims to bring balance to the body while preventing further build ups of stress.  

Improves sleep  

Research has shown that Shiatsu massage can improve sleep quality, especially for those that suffer from insomnia. The treatment releases toxins from the body and can reduce chronic pain and stress. This should make many people feel more relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.  

Decreases fatigue  

With better sleep often comes decreased levels of fatigue.  Shiatsu massage has been proven to improve sleep quality and decrease fatigue, leaving you better rested to tackle your busy life.  

Improves constipation and bowel ailments  

Constipation can be very uncomfortable but Shiatsu massage can help relieve this. During the massage your body will relax, helping to loosen your intestine and colon muscles, to improve constipation.  

Opportunity for relaxation time 

A massage is the perfect time to switch off from your busy schedule and be present. Shiatsu massages are thought to vitalise the body so that you leave the treatment feeling refreshed and energized. 

Non-invasive massage  

Not everyone may feel comfortable undressing for a massage. However, Shiatsu is the perfect non-invasive massage. It is typically performed over clothing, making it ideal for those that would rather remain fully clothed for treatment.  

Who shouldn’t get a Shiatsu massage? 

Shiatsu massage is a safe treatment for the majority of people.  

However, pregnant people and anyone suffering from a serious illness, such as cancer, should speak with a Shiatsu practitioner to ensure the massage is suitable or can be adapted to their needs.  

Does a Shiatsu massage hurt?  

While a Shiatsu massage isn’t considered a painful treatment, your muscles may feel tender if you require a particularly deep tissue massage. You can expect to experience muscle soreness for up to 48 hours after.  

How much does a Shiatsu massage cost? 

Prices for Shiatsu massage can vary from $40 to $120, depending on the length of treatment and the area you live in. Or you can use your ClassPass credits for Shiatsu massage treatments near you.  

Summary of Shiatsu massage 

Shiatsu massage can be beneficial for most people looking to restore healthy energy in their body. The treatment helps improve chronic pain, stress and sleep quality. It’s also non-invasive – perfect for anyone that would rather not strip off for a massage! 

If you want to try the treatment out for yourself, check out what Shiatsu massage options are available near you on the ClassPass app

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