Every Nail Shape—From A-Z 

Nothing says “style” more than elegant and trendy nails! And there are several options too—from wild neon talons to acrylic manicure and even dip powder nails. 

However, having so many nail options means it can be hard to make the right choice sometimes—should you opt for oval nails? Or are square nails the better option? Plus, you really don’t want to risk ending up with nails that are uncomfortable or do not accentuate your personality. 

To help you make the best nail decision, we’ve put together a simple guide to nail shapes. We’d talk about different nails — short, oval, acrylic, and more! And we’ll also show you how to choose a flattering nail shape that suits your personality. 

How to choose a flattering nail shape

With so many nail shape options, it can be difficult to choose the best fit for you! According to experts, the best shape for you depends on the shape and length of your fingers, and your nail bed width. Typically, your nail shape should follow the natural shape of your cuticle line and accentuate your natural finger shape. 

There are five basic nail shapes: 

  1. Almond
  2. Oval
  3. Round
  4. Square
  5. Coffin 

The first four shapes are better suited for people with small and short fingers. For example, if you have small hands with short fingers, you should opt for oval and almond nail shapes because they tend to make the nail look longer, and more stylish. On the other hand, coffin nails are best for long and narrow fingers. 

Acrylic nail shapes

Acrylic nails are literally picture-perfect! And it’s even better that you can rock them in different shapes—from round-shaped acrylic nails to bold stiletto acrylics! 

If you want to go about your daily activities with little or no disruptions, then you should go for round-shaped acrylic nails. Round-shaped acrylic nails are super comfortable and don’t break easily. They also last longer which means fewer visits to your nail tech! If you prefer to experiment with trending nail colors, then you can try out other acrylic nail shapes like oval and stiletto. 

Coffin nail shapes

Coffin-shaped nails have squared-off tips that look like…you guessed right…coffins! Or sometimes, ballerina slippers. Coffin nails are mostly long and tapered, leaving much room for elaborate nail art. They also add a stylish fashion edge to trendy outfits.

However, choosing to rock coffin nail shapes means you might have to step back from a number of activities like playing your favorite sports, doing the dishes or even opening up a pack of chips. This is because coffin-shaped nails can be pretty long and uncomfortable. 

Short nail shapes

You don’t have to wear long nails to look trendy. If you want to keep your nails short and stylish, then you can opt for either square or round shapes. And the best part is that these short nail shapes are low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about visiting the nail tech all the time. 

Round nails elongate your fingers, making them look slender, and also makes the wide nail beds appear thinner. On the flip side, square nails are perfect for people with long, narrow nail beds. 

Female hand with a beautiful light pink manicure on a light background, blank space

Long nail shapes

You have a ton of options for long nail shapes — including oval, almond and coffin shapes. 

Oval nails are very feminine, and perfect for experimenting with trending and bold colors like red. They are also natural-looking, and make your fingers seem a little longer. Coffin nails are chic and strong—little wonder they’re favorites among young nail fashionistas! You can wear them with solid nail polish and matte finish. Almond nails are sexy, slender and strong. And you can pair them with a nude nail polish for the chicest look! 

Natural nail shapes

Squoval, almond, oval, round and square are some of the finest natural nail shapes you can rock. Round and square shaped nails are the best shapes for people who prefer short nails, while almond nails make your fingers chic and a little longer

If you want to take things a notch higher, you can opt for squoval-shaped nails. Nail experts say that squoval is the most natural looking nail shape because it mimics the flat and slightly-rounded shape of your cuticles. 

Wrapping Up

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