8 Beautiful Spring Nail Ideas

The snow is melting and the world is grey and dreary, but that doesn’t mean your nails need to be dreary too. I love spring manicures because as soon as the rain stops, the flowers start to bloom and we’re blessed with beautiful colors all around us.

Spring nail design ideas

I tend to use nature as my inspiration for my manicure design and opt for pastels and beautiful soft colors in the spring. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get these manicures in other seasons, I just tend to like them best in the springtime.

A blue fade moment

Does this design remind anyone else of the ocean? Nope, just me? Cool. While some people think that pastels have to be floral-ish or bright, this manicure proves t hem wrong. This manicure takes two different colors of blue and fades them together to create a beautiful blue nail design.

Green french tips

Brace yourself, there are a lot of beautiful french tip designs in this spring nail roundup. This option takes different shades of green and applies them beautifully across the hand.

A floral manicure moment

A nail technician created this beautiful design by painting a nude color across the nail and then applied a cute retro flower design. They combine a seventies moment with a love of spring florals.

Pastel french tip manicure

The french tip may be all the rage at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the classic white french manicure. This nail technician painted the nail bed a light, pale pink and made the tips varying shades of pinks and oranges.

Take a seventies swirl, but make it pastel

This classic swirl design is reminiscent of an old mustang, but has been updated with a pretty pink pastel palette.

Nude with a organic design

This design takes a nude colored manicure and ups it with an organic design, perfect for spring. This manicure is understated, yet elegant. The nail technician painted different colored organically shaped dots on each nail, then added a circular black design on top,

French manicure, but make it pink

Another fun twist on a french manicure! The manicurist painted the nail bed pink and then added in hot pink french tips.

Try out these fun spring manicure ideas!

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