Meditation Misconceptions You Can Forget

Chances are you’ve seen a few meditation classes pop up in your feed as you scrolled through to find your next workout. If you’ve passed on them thinking they might not be for you, you’re not alone! This article will address many of the common misconceptions and reservations about guided meditation classes, and we’ll reveal some hidden benefits as a result!

1. Since I won’t sweat, there won’t be as many health benefits

This couldn’t be further from the truth! While you likely won’t break a sweat, the mental payoff will be game-changing when it comes to attacking your weekly professional schedule or how well you perform in your regular workouts. One of the biggest hang-ups we face in our more challenging classes is digging deep to find the mental focus necessary to calm our minds and focus on the task at hand. That’s where meditation comes in! The challenges faced in workouts are 90% mental, and understanding how to manage your thoughts more efficiently will help you push past your current plateaus.

2. Meditation is super spiritual

Not the case! While mediation is a common part of many faiths, the concepts behind it are not spiritual at all. Meditation focuses on quieting your mind and focusing on what’s happening inside your body. It will help you be more objective in navigating challenges in your daily life and help you change your perspective if needed.

3. I can’t quiet my mind, so the class will be a waste.

This is exactly why you should go to class! Meditation is a journey much like our workout regimen, and it’s important to challenge our minds to relax and think more clearly. Learning to control your breath and your mind won’t happen overnight or in one class, and that’s totally normal. Treat it as a challenge like your regular workouts, and you’ll be floored at how much stronger and productive you become as a result.

4. It takes too much time out of my day.

Especially when you’re just starting out, it’s not necessary to spend over an hour meditating. Scale it like you would a regular workout, and try to set aside 15 to 20 minutes in the evening before bed to practice. There are many great online resources to help guide you through your first practices. Once you feel comfortable, try adding in a full-length group class to get help from an instructor. Most meditation classes are just as long as your average workout class, so you’re not losing time from your day!

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