The Best Reflective Running Gear for Late Night Workouts

Game of Thrones has been warning us for a while: winter is coming (and in some places, it’s already here). In addition to being tempted away from our workout routine with dozens of holiday parties, this season means that it gets darker earlier–definitely not ideal for after work runs. That doesn’t mean you have to stop being a road warrior for the next few months, just make sure you’re glowing to stand out of the pack. Here is some of the best reflective running gear out there. Grab some for yourself and snag some for your most health-obsessed bestie.

Nathan Streak Reflective Vest 

If you definitely don’t want to be overlooked while out jogging, then throw on this visibility vest over your favorite workout outfit. This vest provides visibility from 1,200 feet away, which means someone driving way down the road will spot you right away without much work. You’re not here to play games, you’re here to listen to your Kanye uninterrupted while banging out a few miles.
Buy it now: Nathan Streak Reflective Vest, $24

LED Safety Reflective Arm Band 

Want a more subtle look? Then this affordable armband is just the ticket. Buy a  bunch so you can leave one at your home, in your car and at your office, so you never have to worry about going undetected when you hit the streets.
Buy it now: LED Safety Reflective Arm Band, $10

Nathan Reflective Lock Laces

Not only do these laces shine bright like a diamond, they have a lock that means you don’t have to worry about stopping during your run to retie your shoelaces. (Or, let’s be honest, be nervous about tripping on your shoelaces during a race.) Set them up once and you can just slip your sneaks on and off with ease. Who said adults have to tie their shoelaces?
Buy it now: Nathan Reflective Lock Laces, $8

Custom Reflective Shirt 

When you want to stand out from the pack, you have to go custom. RUseeN Reflective Apparel can put your own logo or slogan right onto the reflective gear of your choice. Throw on your nickname, or your running club’s logo for a fun personalized look.
Buy it now: Custom Reflective Shirt, $29.99 and up

Reflective Running Hat 

This hat does double duty: it keeps the sun out of your face during daytime runs and has a reflective strip that makes you visible once the sun goes down. Even better? You can toss it in the wash to keep it sweat and funk free.
Buy it now: Reflective Running Hat, $26

Lands End Women’s Reflective Jacket

This versatile jacket has you covered for all of the elements. In addition to being wind and rain resistant (yay, you get to stay dry), the jacket has retroflectivity that makes sure you don’t get lost even in the worst of weather. The icing on the cake? It has a notched zipper pull that keeps your headphones in place. You won’t have to miss even one lyric on your Spotify playlist.
Buy it now: Lands End Women’s Reflective Jacket, $50

Lululemon Reflective Leggings 

These “Tight Stuff Tight” leggings are sure to be your obsession for a number of workout activities–whether you’re running, spinning, or hitting up yoga. Not only do they hold you in and have a compressive waistband and high rise that is uber flattering, they also have a waistband pocket for stashing your keys when you head out. Tiny reflective details keep you bright when you step out after sunset.
Buy it now: Lululemon Reflective Leggings, $148

Zensah Smart Running Gloves 

As temperatures dip, you’ll need some go-to gloves for the next few months. This affordable pair are lightweight and not bulky–perfect for stashing in a pocket until you need them. Techies will love that you’ll be able to still text and operate your phone without taking them off.
Buy it now: Zensah Smart Running Gloves, $30

Adidas Running Headband

Upgrade your old headbands with this fun animal print pack. Keep them all for yourself, or dole them out to your running buddies–it will surely make them smile. Keep your hair out of your face, while adding a bit of flair to your exercise attire.
Buy it now: Adidas Running Headband, $40

Kelsey Butler is a reporter and editor living in New Jersey. She has written for health and lifestyle publications including Women's Health and Brides. A proud dog mom of one, you can find her skiing or on the bocce court in her spare time.