How to Find a Workout Buddy

Accountabilabuddy. Fitfriends. Swollmates. There are many different terms for a workout partner, but they all mean the same thing: a friend (or group of friends) that help hold you accountable to your exercise routine.

Finding a workout buddy has many positive benefits. Your workout buddy can spot you while lifting weights or may  motivate you to show up for that 6 a.m. class instead of hitting snooze. They are also someone to grab juice or coffee with after an amazing workout. 

According to the CDC, working out with a buddy makes you more likely to be motivated, adventurous and consistent. They recommend finding someone with a similar schedule and goals, and the same level of commitment.

If you’re trying to find the workout version of Monica to your Rachel, follow our tips below to find a workout buddy:

  1. Talk to friends, or friends-of-friends
  2. Introduce yourself to people at the gym
  3. Sign up for a group fitness class
  4. Volunteer for a race or walk-a-thon
  5. Join a local sports team
  6. Download an app
  7. Start a fitness challenge

Talk to friends and friend-of-friends

A great way to find a workout buddy is to look among your pre-existing friends. If you have a friend who’s also looking to get active, reach out to them and plan a morning walk or jog, instead of meeting for happy hour. Transition some of your already planned meet ups into fitness based activities. 

But if you don’t have friends that want to get active, see if they can introduce you to someone who does. It’s likely that people outside of your circle are interested in fitness, but you just need to find them.

Sign up for a group fitness class

Group fitness classes are a great way to make new workout friends. You already know that you both love the class, so it’s likely you might have more things in common! Group classes also have a pre-existing feeling of camaraderie, so try introducing yourself to someone at the station next to you before class starts. Don’t forget to cheer each other on!

Volunteer for a race or walk-a-thon

The previous option on this list does involve interrupting someone’s workout, so if that is intimidating, try this instead. Volunteering at a race is a great way to find fellow fitness lovers! Many people sign up to volunteer because it lets them race for free (make sure to connect with race organizers if you’re interested in trying this, not all races allow this!), so ask if they want to meet up for a run sometime.

Races are also often put on by local running groups, so check for the organizers and make sure to ask when and where the group meets up.

Join a local sports team

Sports teams take the camaraderie of a group fitness class and amp it up a notch. You’re all working toward the same goal and teamwork is literally required if you want the team to perform well. Most cities and towns have recreational sport leagues for adults, so visit your local chamber of commerce’s website to find out. 

Download a fitness app

In our social media focused world it’s totally acceptable to use an app to make new friends. Try downloading Bumble BFF and search for other fitness-minded friends. If that isn’t an option, look into posting on your social media profiles. You’d be surprised how many acquaintances you have that are looking to find a fitness buddy as well.

Start a fitness challenge

Most fitness apps or programs have some sort of friend or community element. See if your program has a Facebook group you can join, then post and introduce yourself. Make it clear that you’re looking to meet new people and see if anyone is in your area.

Callahan is a fitness enthusiast who moonlights on the growth team at ClassPass. She's a certified fitness trainer, with years of fitness experience both inside and outside of the gym. When she's not writing blogs or working on SEO, you can usually find her out hiking with her dogs or skiing the slopes.

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