Crazy for Cauliflower: Products and Recipes to Add to Your Obsession

We have to admit, cauliflower hasn’t always been the star of the show when it comes to vegetables. Typically served steamed and without flavor, we remember moving cauliflower from our plates and to the trash as kids. So, it is shocking to us that this comeback kid is now dominating the vegetable game and making appearances all over the food market. Whether you are replacing your pizza crust with the vegetable or enjoying some cauliflower “steak,” cauliflower is adding fiber and so much fun to diets everywhere. We go over the benefits of cauliflower and our favorite products and recipes that include the amazing white vegetable.

Why is cauliflower popular and why should we love it?

So, how did cauliflower become so popular? It’s mainly due to the fact that the most popular fad diets are ones that restrict carbs or gluten. Once this happened, bloggers, food brands and chefs all looked to the very adaptable cauliflower to replace starchy and gluten-filled foods such as rice, pizza crust and breads.

Though we do not think you need to replace all your carbs with cauliflower, we do think consuming cauliflower has many benefits. And, even though antioxidant-rich foods tend to be colors such as blues, greens and purples, the white cauliflower has many antioxidants that are seen to help fight inflammation. It also provides 77% of daily value of vitamin C in just one cup raw as well as 57% of your daily folate. Lastly, it is praised by those trying to lose weight because it is only 25 calories per 1 cup raw and only 5 grams of carbs (of which almost 3 grams are from fiber).

Now that you understand why cauliflower is popular and are convinced that you should add it to your diet, we’re going to share recipes to enjoy at home and products to purchase at the grocery store.

Here are some of our favorite recipes:

For the vegetarians

For those who want to reduce carbs

For someone who just wants a simple but tasty recipe for cauliflower

There are also so many amazing cauliflower products — here are our favorites!

The holy grail: Cauliflower Gnocchi by Trader Joe’s (There is a reason why this may be sold out when you go to Trader Joe’s. If you see it, grab 10.)

The best cauliflower crust for our pizza lovers: CauliPower Crust

If you are looking to make a low-carb avocado toast: Outer Aisle Plant Power Sandwich Thins

An easy way to boost your kid’s veggie intake: Peas of Mind Crispy Caulitots  

As you can tell, we have gone cauliflower crazy — but since vegetables never go out of style, we are happy to keep going. You may be skeptical of the taste, but give it a shot! We think you may come to love it.

Gabriella is a registered dietitian living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently works in corporate wellness as a dietitian and overall wellness coach. She also runs a food blog called Macrobalanced, where she shows people that healthy and balanced eating can be interesting and tasty! She enjoys all things fitness from lifting heavy weights in the gym to hitting the barre. Nothing is off limits as long as sweat is involved. When she is not cooking or sweating, she is playing with her dog Maui, a lively German Shepherd. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.