7 Athleisure Looks We Love for 2018

The athleisure style of clothing has been trending for a few years now and (thankfully) it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, athleisure apparel sales saw an 11 percent increase in 2017, clearly driven by comfort-craving millennials. Yes, we’re saying it’s still PC to wear leggings and a long blouse to just about anything (okay, maybe not to a wedding or funeral, but to pretty much everything else). Who knew an outfit could be so stylish, yet so comfy? Needless to say, we’re digging it, especially because it makes the transition from class to work, happy hour, or date night that much more seamless. We scoured the runways to get you inspired to rock the hottest athleisure looks of 2018.

1. Talk Back Attire

Whether you’re waking up at the crack of dawn to make it to an early boot camp class or mustering up enough energy to kick butt in a boxing class after a long day of work, sometimes you’d rather your clothing do the talking and state your mood.
“Coffee + Cardio” Cropped Tank ($25); “Flexin” Leggings ($65); Boy Bye Dad Hat Adjust ($15)

2. Winter Wonderland

Just because it’s closer to below freezing than 85-degrees out doesn’t mean you have to dress like the abominable snowman. Claim white couture as your own with a zipper-up jumpsuit in all white made from a nice nylon mesh. The fabric is breathable while holding in enough heat and you won’t have to worry about matching the top and bottom!
SQN Sport Jumpsuit: Fleece ($175); Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 ($110)

3. Marvelous Marble

Not-your-average workout designs that speak volumes are here to stay in all different looks. Don’t worry, as dazzling as they might appear; they’re still made with top-notch, high-performance fabrics that are anti-pilling, sweat-wicking, stretchy and dry stat (for those rainy runs outside). Pair with a sleek cut-out top that you can rock in class and on the street.
Huntley Noir Marble Legging ($120); Arizona Black Crop ($75); Reebok Crossfit Nano 2.0 ($110)

4. Geometrics

Multi-patterned leggings come in all shapes and sizes—and in kaleidoscope designs that give you that added spring in your step. Form-fitting is the key to making this athleisure look flatter you—no matter your body type, you can rock it! Pair with a looser-fitting, single-colored top so the pattern can shine and stand out.
Multi-patterned Black Leggings ($50); Neon Geometric Print Sports Bra ($22); Yandy Split Burnout Tank Top ($17)

5. Inked

If you’re someone who’s always wanted a tattoo (even a full-on sleeve) but doesn’t want to commit to a lifetime with the same ink, you’ll love this athleisure trend which brings that look to life (only for the length of your workout!).
Crossed Bra Mesh Sporty Bra ($82); Mesh Side Racerback ($82); Inked Babe Short Pants ($124)

6. Iridescence

Iridescence is all over the runways—in fashion, hair, makeup, everything. And we love the look for athleisure. It’s a new-age compilation of metallic effects, exaggerated, mesmerizing textures and luminous hues.
Harvey Sneaker ($77); Metallic Crewneck Tee ($18); gFast High Rise Leggings with Shine ($40)

7. Wrapped Up

Depending on where you live, winter can be freezing, and spring isn’t that much warmer. That’s why you need some cold-weather staples that are fashionable enough to get you through until summer. We love the versatility of a good wrap-up sweater—it makes the ideal travel blanket, scarf, you name it. Pair with a matching and equally comfortable pair of leggings.
Crane and Lion Wrap Sweater ($120); Original Tight ($95)



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