The Best Fabrics That Won’t Wrinkle in Your Gym Bag

Amid our often busy and hectic schedules, it can be challenging to fit in workouts, much less try to plan out outfits that won’t get wrinkled in your gym bag. Whether you’re a jet-setting professional or an athlete on the run, it’s important to have a lineup of go-to items that are transitional and travel-friendly. If you’ve ever struggled with the logistics behind executing a mid-day workout, you know how important it is to have items in your closet that are as fuss-free as they are transitional. It was the exact problem that inspired me to create my activewear fashion blog. Over the years, I’ve tested out many different fabrics and brands, and found the following types of materials not only travel well, but save you on space as well, given their sleek and street appropriate style.

All you have to do now is keep the following fabric types in mind when you’re out shopping or planning your next getaway, or try some of the following styles listed below:


Lyocell, it’s official moniker, is a synthetic form of rayon. The naturally soft wrinkled feel of Tencel coupled with its strength makes it a great fabric for travel. Whether you’re rushing from a workout to dinner or backpacking your way through an adventurous vacation, you’ll be ready to go in no time with items made out of this super transitional fabric. It’s also very easy to care for, so you won’t have to deal with having it sent out for dry cleaning or other fussy forms of care.

Merino wool

There’s a reason why many activewear brands, including Athleta and Lululemon, are starting to incorporate merino wool into their designs. It’s super easy to transport, and holds it shape. Look for wool-based tops and outerwear if you know you’re going to have little extra room in your bag, as it’s one of the few fabrics you can nearly wad up and wear later and still look completely polished!


Neoprene has been having a moment, and it’s definitely time to start considering it for your wardrobe if you haven’t already. It has the same qualities as a spandex blend, making it a great choice to wear to your office or out on the town post-workout. I like to wear neoprene dresses and skirts out on the town if I know I am going to have to commute or have a quick turnaround from work to an evening event.

Recycled products

I love that the fashion industry has taken steps toward mitigating waste when it comes to designing textiles. Another great perk of recycled material is that it travels well, given the softer qualities made possible by used plastic, nylon, and cotton. Some of my favorite brands that carry products with these characteristics are ADAY, Girlfriend Collective and H&M’s Conscious Collection. Carry less in your bag with items that will pull double duty for workouts and days or nights out, like the ones below


Although it used to get a bad reputation in the fashion industry, when it’s blended with other fabrics like nylon or cotton, it actually holds up beautifully—even when you stash it in your gym bag or carry-on. Look for polyester blends for bottoms, as they won’t wrinkle as badly if you’re forced to sit down for long periods of time or when you’re commuting from work to the gym

Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer and an active fashion and beauty blogger. She shares her fitness, fashion, and skincare tips on her blog Haute Unofficial. Follow her sporty adventure on Instagram for more fitness, beauty, and active fashion inspo.