10 Fitness Bloggers Dish Their Top Healthy Eating Hacks

In case you need some #fitspiration.

Food and fitness go hand in hand. You can lift all the dumbbells you’d like (you go girl!), but at the end of the day, the food you fuel your body with is just as if not, more important. Think of your refrigerator and kettlebells as soul sisters: one can’t exist without the other.

Quite simply, food is the answer to all of your health qualms, from insomnia to splitting headaches. But it’s also responsible for your strong, toned bod.

And now we have proof. We rounded up the top healthy eating tips from our favorite bloggers that inspire us to be our fittest selves.

Ana Alarcon from Ana Goes Fit


This Boston-based blogger boasts that her plant-based diet helps keep her unhealthy cravings at bay. To prevent any unnecessary snacking, Alarcon recommends always keeping healthy, filling food options on hand. “ I always keep rolled oats and legumes in my pantry. They’re super easy to cook, can be used in a variety of dishes and fill me up a lot,” she says.

Jess Underhill from Race Pace Wellness


As a devoted runner, Underhill believes that hydration is key to staying on track. In her personal training sessions and running groups, she encourages her clients to fuel their bodies with protein and plenty of veggies. “Start every single day with a big glass of water. If you’re making changes to your diet start by making two big changes and commit to doing that for 4 weeks. After the four weeks are up pick another aspect of your diet to change. Trying to do everything at once is too challenging and can set you up for failure,” says Underhill.

Gina Harney from The Fitnessista



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This fashion forward blogger believes that whole, unprocessed foods are always in style. But she also thinks that food should be simple and fun! Harney says,“RX bars are my go-to snack. I love that they don’t have any weird ingredients, taste amazing and are high in protein. For dinner, my family loves Ina Garten’s lemon skillet chicken, which I normally pair with a simple green salad and rosemary roasted potatoes. It’s so flavorful and makes the house smell delicious.”

Carly Rowena from Carly Rowena



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The best advice Rowena has ever received? “Never put yourself on a diet. It’s like telling your dog not to play in the mud—of course he will! Think of it as what you’ve always done, just a little healthier,” she says. To keep her body in tip-top shape and her diet as healthy as can be, Harney makes sure that she stocks up chia seeds, garlic, quinoa, lemon, peanut butter and kidney beans.

Jessica Bradshaw from Love You More Too


Blogging is just one of Bradshaw’s many passions. Since she balances blogging with her full-time job as a school counselor and avid traveling, she is always in the need of quick, easy snacks.“When we’re on the go, I love making DIY trail mix. I toss in almonds, macadamia nuts, cacao, coconut shavings and dried fruit in plastic bags to grab when I head out the door,” says Bradshaw.  

Katie Dunlop from Love Sweat and Fitness



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Five small meals a day gives Dunlop the energy and sustenance she needs to get through her workouts—and her day. Whether she’s eating zoodles (her fave!) or snacking on raw almonds, she focuses on staying away from processed foods. “My number-one trick to having a healthier diet is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. This way you’ll only be getting real whole foods and avoid the process packaged stuff,” says Dunlop.

Samantha Ozkural from Sam Ozkural


This health and fitness vlogger frequently documents her meals on her popular YouTube channel. So, what can you usually find on her plate? “I love protein shakes, especially when I’m out and about. I blend whatever frozen fruit I have on hand, protein powder and almond milk. It’s delicious and so quick! I also make a Hawaiian spiced chicken recipe that is amazing for dinner or lunch. You simply throw chicken, peppers, pineapple and some seasonings in a crockpot and then it’s done. I could seriously eat it every night for dinner and be happy,” says Ozkural.

Faith Levine from Gracefulfitness



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Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables! Levine can’t get enough of her leafy greens and includes as many veggies as possible in her healthy recipes that she shares with her readers.“Eating vegetables everyday is non-negotiable for me. I try to find different ways to add veggies and greens into my diet,” she says. The best way to sneak in some veggies when you’re sick of salad? You guessed it—zoodles! “My favorite meal is a simple homemade red sauce, either vegetarian or with sausage, on top of zucchini noodles with some kind of cheese on top.”

Julia Buckley from Julia Buckley Fitness


Simplicity is key for Buckley. She always keeps staple ingredients on hand and believes that food doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious and healthy. So what can you always find in her cupboard? “I always have tins of chopped tomatoes because you can quickly knock up loads of means using them as a base. I also keep stocked up with eggs because I eat so many them, usually at least 3 per day,” she says. To quench her thirst, Buckley loves drinking a big cup of tea each day.”I’m a big tea fan, so one of my cupboards is stacked with different infusions,” she says.

Angela Simpson from Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat



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The secret to this spin star: carrots and salmon! After shedding nearly 70 pounds, Simpson learned the balance of healthy eating and regular exercise, and now she shares it with her readers (and us!). When she’s running out the door, she loves grabbing a handful of carrots to much on. “It doesn’t take many to fill you up, the dip options are endless, and in those cases when I’m waiting in traffic, crunching on them kinda helps keep road rage to a minimum, “ says Simpson. When it comes to dinner, she loves cooking up fresh fish, and recommends you do the same. “We have amazing seafood here in Vancouver, and there’s a place I go to frequently that has a seafood salad made with salmon, prawns and ahi tuna. I swear I turn into the heart eye emoji every time I see it.”

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