5 Sports Detergents to Get the Sweat Out of Your Summer Clothes

Chances are, you’re no stranger to sweat. After all, when you’re consistently killing it during your workout classes, perspiration just comes with the territory. But now that summer is here, you’re also probably sweating on your commute, outdoor bike rides and boot camps. Before you know it, you’ve got a laundry pile that’s mostly sweat-soaked clothes, which means it’s time to find a detergent that’s going to work harder for you.

Here are a few of our favorite sports laundry detergent formulas guaranteed to banish B.O. from even your sweatiest summer workout clothes.

For moisture-wicking sportswear

So, you’ve invested in moisture wicking sports clothes to keep you dry while you’re working hard. The problem, of course, is that along with trapping sweat, your clothes are also keeping the odor. This sports wash by Penguin Apparel protects the moisture wicking property of your sportswear while also banishing that pesky odor. Talk about a win win.
Buy it now: Nathan Sports Wash, $20, Amazon.com

For fighting odor

Think of this detergent as a deodorant for your clothes. Downy’s Fresh Protect Odor Shield actually has motion-activated odor neutralization built right into its formula, meaning your clothes will stay smelling great no matter how hard you’re sweating through that HIIT class, outdoor boot camp or 10-mile bike ride.
Buy it now: Downy Fresh Protect Odor Shield, $7, Target.com

For sensitive skin

When you’re sweating and your skin is sensitive, the detergent you’re using can end up irritating you—which is not a good look during a season when you’re showing more skin. If you’re looking for a natural sports detergent alternative that’ll get rid of sweat but not cause irritation, consider Roux Maison’s formula. It’s fragrance- and BPA-free and hypoallergenic to boot.
Buy it now: Roux Maison Fragrance Free Sports Detergent, $17, Rouxmaison.com

For being eco-friendly

You don’t need to choose between doing something good for the environment and getting the sweat out of your clothes. This all-natural formula takes the sweat out of the clothes that have been sitting in your gym bag for weeks—and even the ones you sweat through during that 90-minute hot yoga class.
Buy it Now: No Sweat Laundry Detergent, $17, NoSweatLife.com

For super bad smells

You know the one’s we’re talking about—where you’ve put your workout clothes through three washes on the highest wash setting available, but there’s still a hint of B.O. Tide’s Sports Detergent uses the technology of Febreze to eliminate the odor that gets trapped in clothes after a long summer run or intense outdoor cardio class. Bye bye, B.O.
Buy it Now: Tide Sports Detergent Plus Febreze, $10, Target.com

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