Whether you own a fitness studio, salon, spa, or wellness business, finding a software management tool that meets your customers’ needs while boosting revenue and engagement can feel like a daunting task. If you want your business to thrive, here are five things to look for in your management software. 

  1. Expert customer marketing and acquisition capabilities 

As a business owner, acquiring customers is probably the first thing on your mind. Great business management software knows this and has marketing capabilities built in. Make sure your software lets customers book your services online and puts you directly in touch with thousands of interested parties, like the Mindbody app does. 

If you own a fitness business and consistently sell out some classes but not others, the SmartRate feature in ClassPass can help you maximize your revenue by automatically pricing classes and services for you based on demand at your fitness studio. SmartRate considers factors like class/appointment length and time, as well as the instructor or service provider, to determine pricing. Businesses using SmartRate typically increase revenue by 15-20% and see up to a 40% increase in first-time visitors thanks to the tool pricing classes correctly. Similarly, Mindbody’s Dynamic Pricing tool helps fitness businesses fill less-attended classes while putting a premium on your more popular ones. 

  1. Point-of-sale and retail services 

Point-of-sale is the bread and butter of your business, so you should invest in software that makes these transactions as simple as possible. What’s more, you need an application that provides multiple payment benefits, including: 

  • integration and data storage to make payments easier and faster 
  • business app and mobile swiper that accepts payments from anywhere in the building 
  • point-of-sale solutions to run cards and print receipts when you’re at the front desk 
  • level 1 PCI compliance so you‘re confident about data security 
  1. Revenue-boosting features 

Software that makes it easy for customers to interact with your business helps you quickly establish and maintain revenue. You can then improve your services and grow your studio, eventually expanding to new locations. Look for comprehensive business management software that seamlessly provides the following capabilities: 

  • the ability to set up autopayments to retain customers, establish recurring revenue, and improve your tracking and forecasting data 
  • comprehensive reports that provide insight on customer behavior so you can automatically send targeted messaging 
  • a branded app that your customers can download to quickly access your class and event schedule 
  1. ClassPass integration 

Integrating your software with ClassPass helps you fill last-minute class spots and available appointments and drive new business. 

Along with its SmartRate tool, ClassPass also offers SmartSpot, a feature designed to automatically fill empty spots and appointments to maximize attendance. By analyzing your fill history, SmartSpot releases the spots you don’t normally fill on your own, while reserving spots you fill with your regular clientele to protect your direct traffic. 

  1. Business-expanding opportunities 

Finally, great business management software is there for you when you’re ready to grow. It prepares you for success with a solution that’s already capable of expanding thanks to its studio-minded features, such as: 

  • an all-in-one tool is key to handling automated marketing, scheduling, and payroll across multiple locations 
  • an open and easily integrated API makes it easy to scale the software across multiple locations 
  • a payment processing system that’s consistent across all locations 

Running a business isn’t easy—that’s why you’re looking for a robust business management software solution that does a lot more than just schedule clients and handle payments. You want technology that meets customers at every stage of their journey with your brand, from the first hello to rebooking and beyond. Software that acquires new customers, boosts revenue, and integrates with ClassPass equips your business with everything you need to succeed. 

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