We like to think of fitness classes as the new “happy hour”—especially with the right environment and people. A group workout provides a perfect opportunity to gather, challenge one other, and connect. The more immersive the experience the better.  

Enter themed classes.  

Instead of a standard class that focuses entirely on the workout itself, a themed fitness class adds an extra dose of fun for clients by incorporating a particular theme into the movements, music, and even attire. Plus, themed classes attract new customers and keep loyal members engaged. What’s not to love?  

How to host a themed class

If you’re ready to turn your next class into a themed event, check out this to-do list. 

Decide on the theme. Whatever you choose should align with your target demographic, as well as the type of workout you offer. Get creative and, when in doubt, ask your members what they’d love to see on the schedule—you might be surprised by their requests. 

Require pre-registration. To boost attendance, add the themed class to your schedule ahead of time. This will build excitement and give your team a chance to plan accordingly. 

Encourage attendees to dress up. Costumes not only make the event more fun but create a sense of camaraderie. Bonus points if you offer a prize for the best-dressed participant! 

Decorate your space. Use themed props and decorations to set the mood. Even balloons or a festive banner will make it feel like a special event.  

Get your team on board. Make sure your instructors are enthusiastic, dress up, curate a fun playlist (more on that next), and align movements to the theme.  

Build the perfect playlist. Music can make or break a workout—especially a themed one. Look for tracks that match the theme, as well as the tempo, mood, and energy level you want for your workout. 

Offer exclusive discounts. This gives attendees another reason to come to your themed class and provides an opportunity to boost revenue the day of the event.  

Have extra staff on hand. This is especially important at the front desk so both your sign-in and check-out (for all that discounted retail!) processes are seamless. Make sure you have staff assigned to various aspects of the event be it serving snacks/drinks, taking pictures, etc.  

Capture the moment. Don’t forget to take photos or videos during the class (with participants’ consent, of course) to share on social media or use for future promotional purposes. You’ll want footage to market your next themed class!  

Follow up after the event. Thank everyone for joining, especially newcomers. If you have your next themed class or event scheduled, encourage sign-ups here.

How to market your themed class

You’ve planned your themed class. Now spread the word and get those sign-ups. Here’s how.  

For new clients 

  • Post your event on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Consider putting ad spend behind your social promotions to boost their reach.  
  • Feature the event on your website. Make sure it’s prominently displayed on the homepage and any other pages that new visitors typically land (peek at your site analytics to find out).  
  • Print flyers. Post them around your community and in complementary businesses. 
  • Leverage ClassPass. It’s free to list your business and increases your studio’s exposure— especially when hosting a fun event like this—to wellness-lovers in your community.  

For existing clients 

  • Feature your themed class in an upcoming newsletter. Be sure to provide a clear call-to-action (CTA) that links out to the class sign-up. 
  • Remind your social followers. Ask them to repost your promotions so their friends see them as well. Have a referral program? This is a good chance to outline the specifics again.  
  • Consider a referral-based incentive. A fun event is a perfect opportunity to get multiple people through your doors. For example, “Bring a friend and you’ll both receive a discount on your next class.” 

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to create an unforgettable experience for your community. It’ll be a ton of fun, too.