ClassPass is a growth accelerator, plain and simple. What started as a fitness-centric app with the goal of connecting real people with workouts has evolved into a digital marketing tool for new businesses, businesses looking to fill unused inventory and businesses looking to get their product in front of new audiences.

Listing your business on ClassPass can provide the same brand awareness benefits as creating a Google My Business account or listing your business on Yelp – maximizing your ability to gather as many customers as possible.

We sat down with Perspire Sauna Studio’s marketing team to discuss how they use ClassPass to enhance their growth strategy.

“ClassPass is a natural brand awareness play for businesses opening in new markets, or businesses just looking to expand and enhance their existing user base.”

What is Perspire Sauna Studio?

According to their website, “Perspire Sauna Studio’s founders were inspired by the science-backed properties of infrared saunas. They first hand experienced the benefits – from skin purification, relaxation, eased joint/muscle pain – and overall they just felt better after each session. They were shocked to discover there was no easy way to get a sauna session. So, back in 2010 they began their journey of making these benefits convenient and accessible to their Southern California community.”

Perspire Sauna Studio is the leading infrared sauna franchises in the United States. They have locations throughout the US, the following can be booked via ClassPass.

How Perspire Sauna Studio grows with ClassPass

Perspire Sauna Studio started using ClassPass with one of their first brick and mortar locations. At the time they only had three locations all located in Southern California. Business was good, but the team had big goals to make infrared sauna therapy accessible in diverse communities across the country.

Perspire Sauna Studio is an infrared sauna studio that incorporates color light therapy to reduce tension, cleanse the body and enhance overall health and wellness. (Interested in more information about color light therapy? You can learn all about color light therapy on our blog, or by visiting the Perspire Sauna Studio website).

“ClassPass is a natural brand awareness and marketing play if you’re looking to expand into new markets or increase awareness in your existing markets,” says Colton Khan, Marketing Manager at Perspire Sauna Studio. “Accessibility is a huge part of our brand and the ClassPass platform helps us bring infrared sauna experiences to people all over the United States.”

But at the time when it was just three locations, Perspire Sauna Studio just wanted to try out this cool new marketing tool. That was five years ago and Perspire Sauna Studio is now the largest infrared sauna franchise in the US with over 16 open locations and 48 in development.

Not only does placing inventory on ClassPass give businesses brand awareness, it also provides more data for how and who books classes. The partner dash provides insights including: 

  • ClassPass utilization
  • Top rated classes
  • Top rated instructors
  • Reservation breakdown, including attended, frequent visitors and missed classes
  • Visit return rate

Perspire Sauna Studio used these insights, listed extra inventory and has now received 40,000 reservations from ClassPass users. They now use ClassPass as one of their marketing tools in all new markets.

According to Raquel Dorsey, who handles brand engagement at Perspire Sauna STUDIO, the marketing aspect of ClassPass is indispensable. Instead of investing into a paid advertising campaign, business owners can list extra inventory on the ClassPass app and get their inventory in front of thousands of users.

Use ClassPass to grow in the new normal

And now that areas are reopening, ClassPass is more vital than ever. According to a recent ClassPass survey, nine out of the current top 10 experiences getting booked on ClassPass are for in-person classes and appointments. Among users who have returned to class, average usage is 10% higher than it was before the pandemic.

Not only are ClassPass users more dedicated than ever before, they’re also usually bringing their friends. There has been a 64% increase in people inviting their friends to class since the start of the year (January 2021), and May saw the highest volume of people inviting friends to class since pre-shutdown.

So whether you’re a fitness studio owner or a wellness boutique looking to expand your business, ClassPass can prove to be an essential part of your expansion roadmap.