As a studio owner, you are committed to keeping your class members excited and engaged at all times. Creating catchy group fitness class names can draw in crowds and help you stand out from the pack. 

Review some tips below for how to get those creative ideas and juices flowing! 

Do a little research

Whether you’ve taken hundreds of fitness classes or are new to the trend, you’re certainly seen names you’ve loved, plus names you’ve loved…less. What are the catchy ones that you remember? Take some time to research class names from other brands, and notice what you like — or don’t like — about them. 

Get inspired by your fave tunes

We’ve all got those songs that can get us through the burpees part of a group class — make a playlist of all your faves and dance it out! (Or sit on your couch, whatever.) Get pumped up, and let the good vibes inspire you. 

Brain dump!

Without thinking too much, take a few minutes to jot down every fitness-related term you can think of, from protein powder to megaformer. Write down whatever comes to mind, use your Googling skills and ask your mom — by the end, you’ll have a glossary of terms to mix, match and get inspired to finalize your group fitness class name. Brainstorming is a key step for ideas and name generation. 

Move your body 

Yes, your brain is doing the heavy lifting here, but your body can help. What better way to get inspired to name a fitness class, than to take one? Pay attention to how you feel before, during and after you sweat. Feeling good? Jot down some terms to describe what you’re feeling, and consider how to best portray those positive emotions in your fitness class name. 

Who’s coming to class?

When naming a class, think about your audience. Who do you want to come to class, and what would make them interested in sweating at your studio? Appeal to what your target audience is looking for; for instance, if you live in a retirement community, you should probably not call your class “BIG, BURLY BODY BUILDERS”.

Talk it out!

Once you’ve completed some of the previous exercises, open it up to outside opinions. Take a few names or word combinations and share them with friends, family, pets, whoever — the more perspectives, the better. 
Once you’ve nailed down those catchy group fitness class names, don’t forget to add a little spice to your class descriptions too!