Every company offers “benefits.” It’s what those benefits are that determine how beneficial they really are to an employee.  

Quality benefits are powerful. According to the 2022 Mindbody Wellness Index, 42% of consumers say wellness perks and benefits are an important part of making employment decisions and 40% say corporate wellness programs motivate them to prioritize wellness more. A recent OnePoll and ClassPass study found that nearly 90% are more likely to recommend a workplace that supports their well-being.  

The takeaway: working professionals want to work for employers who offer quality wellness benefits and understand their specific needs.  

The solution: personalized employee benefits.  

How to create personalized employee benefits 

Offering personalized employee benefits doesn’t have to be complicated; there are options that provide flexibility and choice. Here are a few best practices to get started.   

Make employees an active part of the process  

You won’t know how to customize and where to focus if you don’t know what’s valued most by your employees. Poll your workforce on an ongoing basis and encourage leadership to be in tune with the needs of their direct reports. Employees who feel seen and heard will be increasingly invested in what you provide as a company. 

Give them more of what they want 

When it comes to benefits, most surveys reveal the same top priorities for employees: more paid family leave and time off. Providing greater flexibility in the form of paid leave for births, medical issues, and family-related situations, as well as greater paid time off boost employee morale. (Check out the latest flexible corporate benefits.) As a result, a growing number of companies recognize the need—and benefit—of encouraging a better work-life balance.  

Do everything possible to create a culture that encourages and celebrates time off. That’s what employees want and need, after all.  

Provide inherently customizable solutions 

Instead of shouldering the responsibility of customizing offerings for each of your employees, provide a solution that puts employees in charge.  

ClassPass, for example, provides global access to thousands of top-rated fitness studios, salons and spas. Employees have the power to book the classes and appointments that best support their physical and mental well-being.  

Providing customizable benefits for your employees is not only great for employees, but beneficial for your organization. Bottom line: Cared-for employees are hard-working employees.  

Learn more about how to integrate personalized employee benefits like the ClassPass Corporate Wellness Program. 

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