Seventy-eight percent of professionals have experienced burnout in their career, according to new research. The study, which was conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by ClassPass, the leading global fitness membership, delved into the shifting workplace needs and health concerns of 1,000 employed professionals between the ages of 24 and 40.

The results were clear: people are finding it harder than ever to prioritize their physical and mental health. Employees are no longer able to turn the computer off and leave at 5 p.m. Long hours and a 24/7 always-on work culture means that employees are responding to late night emails and Slacks, and need some support from their employers in finding balance. In fact, professionals believe it is the employers responsibility to provide tools and resources necessary to balance stress.

Seventy-five percent of professionals surveyed believe it is their employer’s responsibility to contribute to their health and well-being, with 88% of professionals reporting they would be more likely to recommend an employer who supports their well-being efforts.

Nicole Wolfe, Head of Corporate Programs at ClassPass, says, “This survey illustrates the need for companies of all sizes to implement wellbeing programs. By giving employees opportunities to improve and manage their health with tools such as a ClassPass membership, employers can measurably increase the productivity, engagement, morale and wellbeing of their employees.”

More than half of professionals surveyed (58%) revealed that they would be more likely to accept a job that offered a fitness and wellness package, and the same number would be more likely to stay in their current role if these benefits were offered. In addition, one in three professionals who had previously participated in an employer sponsored wellness or wellbeing program reported lower levels of stress and improved morale.

“In 2020, wellness benefits will be a necessity for attracting and retaining top talent. Adobe, Facebook, Airbnb, and Glossier are just a few of the employers who are already seeing a positive impact from making ClassPass available to their teams. We should be giving employees an easy way to turn their phones off once a day and spend 45 minutes focused on their health,” added Nicole.

The report also unveiled the potential side benefits of increased camaraderie and culture in the workplace. Two out of three employees think attending a workout with a colleague would help to build camaraderie in the workplace.

Read below for a useful infographic of survey data results.



The ClassPass Corporate Program gives employees one easy to use membership that they can use to book a variety of fitness and wellness benefits. The setup is simple and easy for HR teams: employers subsidize or entirely cover the cost of ClassPass credits, and employees have complete control over how they spend their credits. Each employee can focus on fitness classes such as boxing, barre, Pilates or dance classes, put credits towards gym time for more independent workouts, or prioritize wellness experiences such as massages. Interested in adding ClassPass to your 2020 benefits? Contact the team to learn more.

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