In today’s competitive work environment, wellness programs are a must-have benefit. While competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages are essential, a growing number of job seekers are also prioritizing their overall well-being. In fact, over 40% of consumers say wellness perks/benefits are an important part of choosing employers. Companies that help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance are more likely to attract and retain top talent. So much so organizations with effective wellness programs report significantly lower voluntary employee attrition than those who don’t 

If you're working on building your wellness program, you're probably wondering: what will the benefit be? One of the biggest benefits of building a corporate wellness program is the improved ability to attract talent. Your organization can leverage wellness initiatives to attract and retain top-notch employees. Here are three simple ways to attract high quality employees.

Make your wellness programs part of the initial conversation 

In the typical interview process, conversations about the benefits and intangible perks of working at a company aren’t discussed until after an offer is made, or if the prospect specifically asks. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, prioritize your wellness programs and benefits during initial conversations so future employees understand what you provide and why. 

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Incorporate wellness into your corporate social responsibility initiatives 

More and more companies are recognizing the need and benefit of making social responsibility initiatives an integral part of their workplace. Giving back to the community through service, engagement activities, and financial support allows employees to see a positive impact around them through their efforts and support of the company they work for. 

Incorporate wellness by leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising as a contributing factor in these efforts. Employees can include wellness goals and activities to fundraise for different causes that positively impact their communities. As a result, prospective employees will see these campaigns and want to be a part of a culture that encourages this effort. Current employees will feel empowered and proud to work for an organization that gives back.  

Recognize employees for their efforts 

Incentives are a fun way to get people interested and involved both personally and professionally. To increase engagement in your wellness program, develop creative contests, campaigns, and fundraisers that are tailored to various activities and interests.  Sweeten the deal with generous rewards that recognize an employee’s efforts. Take into consideration your company’s culture and your employee to determine motivating “carrots” for their participation.  

Today, wellness is an important part of the workplace. Make sure your wellness programs are front and center in your recruiting and retention plans. That way, you’ll build a talented and dedicated team that contributes to the long-term success of your organization.  

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