The key to success in any relationship or endeavor can be found in quality communication. It’s particularly important in the corporate setting where employees and leaders rely on each other to achieve collective goals and outcomes. Companies that have adopted effective communication styles are some of the most successful and profitable. Prioritizing communication will only become more crucial as an increased number of workers will find themselves working from home in the coming weeks and months. 

When a company champions open and quality communication, employees feel encouraged to share ideas; as a result, engagement increases and individuals are more committed to those they work with and for. Here are some strategies for implementing effective communication throughout your company.

Maintain a rhythm of communication

Especially in times of uncertainty and change, establishing a reliable cadence of communication can be comforting and helpful for employees. Choose a certain day of the week that the HR communication is sent out. Perhaps a member of the executive leadership will address the company weekly or bi-weekly. Directors of teams may choose to hold team meetings and follow-up communications at the same time every week. When information is sporadic at best, there can be a drop in trust and confidence from employees; this can negatively impact motivation and productivity.   

Keep information relevant

No one likes vague and generalized information. Encourage those who manage corporate communications to be as transparent as possible when it comes to updates, industry-related news, company results, goals and needed areas of improvement.  While it is up to leaders to keep individuals calm and focused, not communicating necessary information can lead to negative consequences. 

Utilize multiple mediums of communication

If you’ve been in the corporate world long enough, chances are you have received the standard email newsletter or a “From the Desk of…” message in your inbox. While email communications are still useful and an important part of a corporate communication strategy, more and more companies are finding ways to connect with their workforce using a variety of mediums including, blogging, podcasts, virtual brown bag sessions, social media platforms and more. When you leverage a variety of approaches, each one is bound to increase in engagement over time. 

Involve your employees

Another way to keep communication open between leadership and employees is to actively engage employees and their ideas in relevant communications.  Incorporate employee spotlights for a personal touch, highlight contributions and achievements made by teams throughout the company. Create an op-ed column where employees can contribute. Where there’s an emphasis in two-way communication within the workplace, there will be greater respect and appreciation for efforts made by leadership.

Find a way to continually revisit the company’s mission and vision

Research has shown that individuals are more engaged and satisfied with their jobs when they believe in what they are doing or the impact they can make. The best way to remind employees of this is to frequently speak to the company’s mission and vision where possible. Help employees see the reasoning for strategic decisions based on the foundational principles of the company mission and vision statements. When this is clearly communicated, the overall company culture will be strengthened.   

Regardless of your size, demographic, location or industry, effective communication is key to building a successful business and corporate culture. Encourage engagement and productivity in the workplace by investing in employee well-being with ClassPass.

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