ClassPass Glossary: Boxing from A to Z

If signing up for a boxing weight class is a bit intimidating due to the extra gear and new buzzwords (boxing wraps and gloves?), you’re not alone! There are so many terms that aren’t common in other workouts—however, it’s no reason to shy away. We’ve compiled all the major terms you’ll need to make your first boxing workout a total success!


Be First: This is a common term that refers to getting in the right mindset of being on the offense. If your instructor mentions this, they want you to be aggressive and confident in your punches!

Bob & Weave: This refers to the side-to-side motions of avoiding punches by your opponent. This is often honed during your warm-ups at the start of class, and helps you build a solid foundation in your future moves!

Bout: This is another phrase used to define a boxing match.

Break: This is used by your instructor to halt a fight.


Canvas: If you’re attending class in a traditional boxing gym, you may hear your instructor call the ring a canvas. This stems from the fact that old rings were usually made from canvas, before today’s vinyl versions!

Check Hook:  This defines a counter hook, which involves you pivoting on your lead leg while throwing a hook yourself.

Combination: This refers to any combination of punches with no break in between.


Feint: Consider this your fake out punch! This punch is used to gauge your opponent or throw them off their game.


Hook: This a punch that is thrown from the side with your front hand, in a circular motion.


Jab: This is your classic front punch!


Lead Right: This is a more difficult front jab that requires you to throw a quick punch across your opponent’s body.


Parry: This is another term for a blocked punch, which refers to you causing your opponent’s strike to be guided away from your body.


Roll with the Punches: This is a phrase meant to teach you to move with your opponent, moving in the opposite direction of the punch in order to lessen the blow or avoid it.


Shift: This refers to your footwork, where you switch your lead leg to gain more power.


Uppercut: This refers to punches thrown in an upward motion, stemming from the hip, and up toward your opponent’s head.

Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer and an active fashion and beauty blogger. She shares her fitness, fashion, and skincare tips on her blog Haute Unofficial. Follow her sporty adventure on Instagram for more fitness, beauty, and active fashion inspo.