5 Natural Deodorants That Stand Up To Your Toughest Workouts

Natural deodorants have historically caught a bad rap for not being effective against odor protection. People are used to the anti-perspirants of yore, and accustomed to feeling dry under their arms during intense workouts. The problem is, as most workout junkies know, your body is supposed to sweat during a class. Preventing your body from sweating is preventing it from ridding itself of toxins. We should be allowed to sweat, but that doesn’t mean we have to smell. Cue deodorants. Deodorants allow your body to rid itself of toxins, but absorb untoward smells so that you’re not disturbing your neighbor on the nearest yoga mat.

So why pick a natural deodorant over a traditional version that you’d find in the drug store? Traditional deodorants have heavily relied on odor-absorbing agents that people suspect are dangerous to have so close to your lymph nodes, including aluminum. Some suspect that these deodorants can cause damage to the lymph nodes found in the underarms, and may even be linked to breast cancer. More and more, people are wanting deodorants containing plant-based ingredients and/or no traces of metals.

The demand for natural deodorants that are as effective as they are clean has made way for a whole slew of high-powered, workout-friendly choices. Check out these 6 natural deodorants that truly work.  

The Unisex Version

Though most of the deodorants listed here can be used by anyone, many of them are purposefully marketed towards women both in packaging and fragrance. One stands out as being a favorite amongst all the sexes: Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant has a light, minty scent that appeals to most everyone. The simplistic packaging isn’t marketed towards a specific gender because it’s meant to work for anyone. Clay and baking soda absorb odors, while eucalyptus provides some natural antibacterial properties. The aloe-based formula helps it to glide on easily and feels cooling after a tough class.     

Buy it now: Ursa Major, $18

The Detoxifying One

Some people, once they decide that they don’t want an aluminum-based deodorant, want to rid their bodies of any trace metals as quickly as they can. While your body will eventually rid itself of toxins when you switch over to a natural deodorant, the Takesumi Detox deodorant will help accelerate the process. This deodorant uses encapsulated charcoal to rid the body of impurities and soak up foul odors.

Buy it now: Kaia Naturals, $22

The One That Could Be A Perfume

This formula, full of essential oils, is essentially a perfume for your underarms. With three different fragrances, there is a scent for everyone. There’s an herbaceous fragrance, a floral, and a citrus. The natural, vegan, and aluminum-free formulas really can be used anywhere on the body that needs freshening up after class.   

Buy it now: Weleda, $8

The One To Throw In Your Gym Bag

Let’s face it, there’s not always much time in the day to freshen up, and we need all the help we can get to stay odor-free throughout the day. Pacifica’s deodorant wipes allow you to freshen up on the go and, while they’re meant for underarms, are quite handy for sweaty spots all over the body. 

Buy it now: Target, $9 

The All-Powerful One

Vapour’s new Aer deodorant has a unique gel-to-powder texture that leaves you feeling dry and comfortable if you’re used to a traditional antiperspirant. Arrowroot and baking soda soak up any unwanted odors, while essential oils and herbs provide a fresh-smelling, natural fragrance. This holds up under even the hottest, toughest classes you can dream up.   

Buy it now: Credo, $24 

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