Most Moving Instructors of the Year: San Francisco

San Francisco is such an active city. With plenty of outdoor classes (and so. many. hills), getting fit and staying that way is part of the lifestyle. But when it comes to booking fitness classes, you want to make sure your time is spent wisely. That’s why we asked—and you told us!—who the best instructors in SF are. After all, it’s the teacher who makes a good class great. Here are the top instructors in San Francisco for 2016.

Make sure to take a class with them ASAP! (And psst: to see who won in every city, check this out.)

Alyssa Arroyo
Instructor at Yoga Mayu

sf-alyssa-arroyoShe just gets it.
“Alyssa is unreal. She walks that fine line between physical and spiritual, always leaving her students feeling newfound strength and ability in both domains.” -Tim W.

She’s incredibly positive. 
“Alyssa’s knowledge of the human body is incredible. She knows the smallest detail of where muscles are, how things feel in different positions. Her verbal queueing is phenomenal, her sequencing is outside the box, and her positive vibes and empathetic approach to teaching are the bees knees of comforting and engaging yoga instruction.” -Eva F.

She pays attention to form.
“She has a deep understanding of how the body moves and works and always makes sure you are doing things correctly! She pushes you without pushing your body over the edge.” -Nada R.

Taylor Jenkins
Owner and Instructor at Taylor Fit Studio
Second Year in a Row Winner!

sf-taylor-jenkinsShe goes above and beyond.
“She hands down the most supportive instructor, not only in the studio but outside as well. She’s goes over and above for her clients and doesn’t even think twice about it.” -Kate H.

She knows everyone by name.
“Taylor takes the time to get to know each and every one of her students personally. By doing so, she inspires her students during certain workouts to meet their personal and physical goals. She constantly motivates the class through her relentless energy and upbeat positivity! Not only do I leave each workout physically exhausted, I also feel better about myself and look forward to seeing Taylor again!” -Nikki

She making working out fun.
Taylor is the most energetic positive and funny instructor out there. She makes working out so much fun. You always know it’s gonna be a party in there! She’s also warm and caring and genuine and remembers everyone by name. I don’t know how she does it. I wish I could go to her class so much more than three times a month!” -Kelli P.

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