Fit 5: You Want to Run a Marathon This Year

Marathon training is no easy feat and can be an overwhelming commitment when you consider how far you have to go from square one. However, taking training one week at a time will help make you faster and stronger and keep you excited for the training to come.

Class Type: Resistance training
Why: Building the muscular endurance necessary for a race of this magnitude requires heavy lifting. Try these fun classes to tone up and build the strong legs needed to crush that PR.

Studio Recommendations:
D1 Sports Training (Tampa)
Iron Tribe Fitness (Raleigh)
The Lab Gym (St. Louis)
Dallas Strength & Conditioning (Dallas)

Class Type: Interval training
Why: If your goal is to hit a certain pace (Boston quals, anyone?), you have to put in the speed training. Classes like the ones offered at the studios below will force you out of your comfort zone and help you buckle down and build that mile pace you’re aiming for.

Studio Recommendations:
TruFit Endurance (Orlando)
No Joke Fitness – Pasadena (Los Angeles Metro)
Barry’s Bootcamp – Marina (San Francisco)

Class Type: TRX
Why: TRX forces you to engage core strength to help you through each exercise, a skill necessary for keeping problems like runner’s knee at bay. Bonus: A strong core helps you run more efficiently and keeps you injury free.

Studio Recommendations:
TRX Training – Rozelle (Sydney Metro)
H.I.P Fitness (Houston)
Align Fitness (Portland)

Class Type: Yoga
Why: Stretching your muscles is just as important as building your endurance, as it keeps your body tuned and ready for tougher paces during your next training runs.

Studio Recommendations:
Freebird Yoga (Nashville)
BodyFit Kansas City (Kansas City)
Yoga Shala (Sacramento)
Brooklyn Yoga Project – Brooklyn (New York Metro)

Class Type: Rowing
Why: Rowing forces you to build your posterior chain muscles. This will keep your knees injury free and give your body a break from forward motion, while still providing that interval training you need to get faster.

Studio Recommendations:
Track Fitness (Toronto)
Ro Fitness (Austin)
WeRow Indoor Rowing (Minneapolis)

Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor and an active fashion and beauty blogger.