If you are just starting to sell products in your studio or want to freshen up your offerings, carrying a skincare could be a great fit. Skin is the body’s largest organ. Your clients come to your business to help keep their muscles fit, so why not take a 360 degree approach and offer them ways to care for their skin, too?

When choosing a skin care line for your studio, look for a brand that offers products that are in line with your clients’ values. Are many of your clients busy professionals who pop into your class between meetings? Do your strength training classes leave clients with sore muscles? Do you have a lot of clients who buy exclusively organic? With so many skin care lines on the market, it is important to work with a brand that will fill a niche and speak to your clients more personally than the products they find at the supermarket.

Stocking Your Shelves
What products would be a good fit for a fitness studio?

Cleansing Wipes
Mio has created a line of workout essentials that includes Clean Slate Workout Swipes. The swipes are an especially good fit for studios that don’t have showers because clients can use them to clean up after class.The large cleansing swipes are gentle enough to be used on the face to remove makeup pre-work out, yet strong enough to be used on the body after a good sweat session.

Muscle Gel
Another exercise essential product from Mio is their muscle gel. The gel can be used before or after a workout. Made from extracts of Arnica, Horse Chestnut, Murumuru Butter, Spearmint and natural Magnesium, the gel increases circulation, eases aches and inflammation and helps speed up recovery.

If your clients tend to be as active outdoors as they are in your classes, sunscreen is a great product to carry. Make sure your sun care products go beyond what clients can find at a local drugstore and are developed for people with an active lifestyle. Train your staff to promote those features.

Men’s Grooming
Skin care is not a women-only revenue generator.  The men’s grooming market is valued at $6 billion in the U.S. At an increasing rate, men are purchasing products to feel more attractive, more successful and more youthful. While your male clients may not be strolling through beauty supply or department stores to find products developed for men’s skin, they will be walking through your reception area.

A Proper Introduction
When you carry a new product, putting it up on the shelf and hoping clients are curious enough to buy it is not an effective sales strategy. Properly introducing new products is critical.

Katie Minehan, events and community coordinator of Mio Skincare, suggests putting amenity size dispensers of the product you sell in locker rooms and restrooms. She says studios have had a lot of success promoting Workout Wonder Muscle Gel this way because it allows clients try the product before they buy.

Another way to introduce new products is to work with the brand on hosting a pop-up trunk show at your studio. To promote the trunk show, ask your instructors to share details in all of their classes, post signs around the studio and write posts about it on social media.

If you are concerned about training your staff on selling the products, Mio can provide on-site retailer training as well as “cheat sheets” and other sales tools.

Creative Display Options
Once you have the products ordered and shipped, you have to decide how these beauty products can be displayed in your space. If your studio doesn’t already have retail product displays, you can use inexpensive and easy-to-find containers, places on existing shelves or your reception counter. You can purchase fish bowls, glass canisters, jars and centerpiece bowls at any home goods store to create fun, modern and easy grab-and-go displays.