Operating a fitness studio comes with a long list of tasks that require daily attention. From keeping facilities clean to greeting clients at the door to managing your company’s website and social media pages, staying on top of all of these duties can become overwhelming at times — especially when you don’t have a designated staff member keeping tabs on them. But, which responsibilities are worth hiring on a new employee for?

We asked a few experts for their best advice on determining when to hire and when to outsource tasks for your small business. Read on for their take on when it benefits your business to hire on a new employee.

Outsource when the job is outside of your expertise

Small business owners are inclined to take on most tasks themselves. But CEO Robert Ellis says that when there’s work to be done that’s outside the realm of expertise that you and your company bring to the table, it’s wise to look for a company that knows the space to help get the job done. “I recommend outsourcing when it is an area outside of your expertise and you are not sure how much work the job will require,” Ellis says. “Depending on the requirements for the role, you can hire freelancers or contract a consulting firm.”

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Hire when you’ll need the help long-term

And not just on a once or twice per week basis. Marty Spargo, co-founder of REIZE, says when deciding whether to hire or outsource, figure out whether or not the position could add up to a considerable amount of hours per week. “The worst thing is putting someone on full-time and then having that work dry up,” he says. “Only hire a full-time position when there are 60 hours per week for the foreseeable future — inflated to provide a buffer, since it’s rare for a small business to have one specific role to be so labor intensive. But in reality, anyone you hire has to be willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved in anything. That is the most important thing. If a potential candidate says they are never willing to answer the phones or help with data entry, then they are not the right fit for a small, growing business.”

Outsource when it saves time and money

If you could quickly and easily find a company to take on the tasks you’re looking to hire for, Sacha Ferrandi, founder and CEO of Source Capital Funding says it’d be a smart move to outsource. “Not only will this third-party vendor save you time in regards to hiring, interviewing, and training,” he says, “but they’ll also save you money as you will not have to purchase any required tools, programs or applications.” Not to mention, you won’t be saddled with the added costs and paperwork that come with hiring on a full-time staff member. “Another benefit to outsourcing is that as your in-house staff grows, so do tax requirements and other HR-related responsibilities,” he says. “By outsourcing your work you protect yourself from these additional requirements.”

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Hire to cover HR duties

Your staff may be small enough that you’re able to manage HR responsibilities yourself. But if you’re looking for help with these duties, Evan Harris, cofounder and CEO of SD Equity Partners says they’re best handled by an in house staff member. “When dealing with hiring, firing, employee satisfaction, discipline and career growth, it is extremely important that your HR staff is internal,” he says. “HR needs to know the ins and outs of the company, have a presence within the office and be part of the community.”

Outsource work that can be done remotely

If you don’t physically need this person to be at your business to do their job, Harris says it’s a smart move to outsource. One particular case? Social media. “Hiring a third party to handle your company’s social media is a great (and safe) way to outsource,” he says. “As long as you establish the topics you would like to cover, platforms you would like to be present on, and any subjects that you definitely want to stay away from, a social media agency can handle everything else for you. Make sure to communicate with them often (as you should do with any third party), and you are bound to have an excellent social media strategy on your hands.”