Most fitness and wellness ventures start with great passion — for the genre, for sharing a love of the field or wanting to make an offering accessible to a wider audience. Once the idea of launching a business is planted and the plan and strategy are sorted, how to market a small business is the next hurdle. As crowded as the wellness and fitness space is today, there are smart, efficient and cost-effective ways to get your business discovered by potential clients — we’ve rounded them up below.

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Find your community

You’ve likely worked hard and done your research to nail down the perfect location for your fitness or wellness venture. Whether you’re renting a treatment room in a larger building or have a large space to yourself, consider what’s outside the four walls. Learn about the history of your community, who resides there and what businesses make up the surrounding area. When you’re brainstorming how to market a small business, you’ll want to enlist the help of the collective. Perhaps you try a co-hosted event with a like-minded company, think a ‘Lattes and Lunges’ brunch event in tandem with a nearby café. Think about what the community values and how you can elevate those around you.

Double-down on your unique value proposition

With more fitness and wellness businesses opening every day, finding what sets you apart from the rest is essential. Maybe you are determined to have the most stellar customer experience possible — identify your value proposition as a focus area. Set goals and keep tracking your metrics; are you highlighting this unique aspect in every class or appointment? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks of being an entrepreneur, but when you consider how to market a small business, you’ll need to get clear on what’s special and unique about your venture. This way, you can create a marketing strategy that touts what you specifically have to offer your target audience.

Explore how to market a small business through meaningful partnerships

When you’re looking to increase your exposure, widen your reach and target a tailored audience, partnering with a marketplace like ClassPass could be valuable. ClassPass helps fitness and wellness business fill unsold class and appointment spots, connecting users to new experiences and businesses. Most small businesses don’t have excessive marketing budgets — by using a marketplace like ClassPass, you can harness a search and SEO power that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. ClassPass creates branded microsites within the platform to give users the information they need about each business, which also helps studio, gym and wellness partners appear in Google search results. Users searching for nearby studios or wellness venues can find a match through the ClassPass integration with Google Maps. ClassPass also helps surface reviews, schedules and genre tags so each small business’s brand can get additional exposure.

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