Valentine’s Day can bring up lots of feelings — whether your clients are coupled up or flying solo, getting festive with timely holidays is a great way to try something new or different at your fitness studio. We’ve compiled a few ideas to add some love to your sweat session.

Work out as a couple

A good place to start is by turning one of your typical class formats into a partner workout. There are multiple ways to format a partner class or workout. For example, in a strength training class, you could create a simple workout with exercises that involve two people — like sit-ups with high fives at the top or patty-cake planks. For yoga studios, you could try introducing Acro Yoga elements or even couple up the class for resistance stretches.

Compete against each other

Creating a bit of competition is a healthy way to involve partners in a workout. Couples can compete against each other  — or you can have each couple work as a team competing against other couples to see who can get the most reps or go fastest. The winning couple or team could win a free class, a prize or just bragging rights. Read more couple’s workout ideas here.

Love out loud

There are endless options for songs that talk about love. Create a playlist with throwback hits to make your clients smile the second they walk in the door. Or, if you want to make it more interactive, you might want to run a poll on Instagram — have your instructors ask for client suggestions and then add them to your Valentine’s Day playlist.

Package your love

Run a special flash sale on Valentine’s Day only where you offer class packages for couples, best friends, coworkers, etc. — anyone in pairs. Follow your existing structure for class package deals, but incentivize pairs to purchase together by offering a steeper discount for buying two packages at once. In addition to offering them a deal, the motivation will keep them coming back!

Enter a partnership

Depending on your studio’s vibe (no pun intended), think about hosting a party after the workout, partnering with a company that offers romantic goods — for example, flowers, chocolates, wine, etc. This may encourage those celebrating Valentine’s Day to include your studio in their holiday plans.

Spread the love

If your studio supports philanthropic endeavors, now’s a relevant time to hold a fundraiser for a charity or organization you love. Examples include donating a percentage of your proceeds on Valentine’s Day to the designated charity; holding a special fundraiser class where all the proceeds go to charity; or setting up an online fundraiser where you pledge to match all donations up to a certain dollar amount.

Reward your clients 

Keep the love going the entire month of February with a rewards contest. This can be something both singles and couples can participate in! Designate point values for classes taken, social media shares and more. Couples can get extra points by taking classes with their partners. At the end, pick both a single winner and a couple winner to award packages or a small group session.

Host a social media giveaway

Where is the love? On Valentine’s Day, it’s on your social media feed. Run a simple social media giveaway by asking your followers to tag someone they love and tell them why. Tagging will help you get seen in more feeds and spread the word about your studio. 

Love for Anti-Valentine’s Day

Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day, and maybe celebrating being lovey-dovey just isn’t your studio’s style. Work with that  create an Anti Valentine’s Day campaign. Host an Anti-Valentine’s Day event at your studio. The rest of the campaign can be similar to the previous ideas, just with different messaging. 

This Valentine’s Day, you can show all your clients the love with these ideas to keep them and their partners engaged. Their hearts will swell as they get in a heart-pumping workout.