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A Covid-19 Guide for Skincare Professionals

Skincare is an up-close and personal, face-to-face business and because of this, we have been hit among the hardest by Covid-19 closures. As we reopen and move ahead, it’s imperative that we take every possible precaution to ensure the health and safety of our clients, our own teams, and the world’s sense of security and value in the services we offer.  

As industry professionals, small business owners, and people passionate about wellness, this is our chance to step-up, and to be ready (and better) than we’ve ever been.

Below is a checklist of our own Face Haus health and safety measures used during re-opening and as we move into the “new normal” of our industry.

Haus Cleaning

  • Regular sterilization and cleaning of high-touch areas, such as door handles/knobs, communal table, iPads, etc. 
  • Daily deep cleaning of restrooms and disinfection after each use 
  • After every guest, treatment chairs, service stations, sanitation stations, and all operating supplies and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized with EPA approved disinfectant per government regulations
  • Professional cleaning service for deep Haus cleaning twice weekly. 

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Estheticians will wear an apron, mask, and face shield, which will be sanitized after every service. New, disposable nitrile gloves will be worn for each new guest 
  • Guest Service Associates will wear a face mask at all times
  • Guests are required to wear a face mask before and after their service. The mask can only be removed during the actual service and we will provide if our guest does not have one

Appointment Protocol

  • Guests will receive a confirmation call to confirm booking, review safety standards, and double check health status
  • Guests will be strongly encouraged to complete the intake form online before arrival. A link to this form will be in the appointment confirmation email
  • Temperatures for all guests and FH employees will be taken prior to entering the Haus
  • Each Haus will re-open at 25% capacity, utilizing every other facial station (more than 10 ft. between guests)
  • Hauses will operate on a staggered schedule, so only one guest will be checking in or out at a time 
  • We will be waiving all cancellation fees. If feeling unwell, guests should not hesitate to call to cancel at any time
  • All Hauses will now be cashless, only accepting credit cards for services, product purchases, as well as gratuity.  

Face Haus

Inspired by the sunny rays of southern California and with it, a daily need for healthy skin care, Face Haus is a collective of individuals, a community that celebrates diversity and camaraderie, and brings people together over the shared goal of feeling and looking fantastic from the inside out.

Whichever the Haus, we’ll serve you with our fabulous, facials for less. And in our case, less is in fact more! The supreme performance of our estheticians, their superb touch and superior spa-worthy product range all factor into our face-care. Always accessible, definitely fun, ubiquitous in its appeal and superstar skincare specialists- we’re all about giving good face to the human race

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Author Bio
A native of Southern California, Jennifer Worley is the current Chief Creative Officer of Face Haus, and has run the company from its inception in 2013. As CCO, Jennifer oversees creative, content creation and Haus design, and works alongside the executive team on brand expansion, esthie education and the client experience. Above all, Jenn ensures all brand initiatives are aligned with the Face Haus mission and vision.