While keeping up on the latest exercise news and trends is essential, it’s also important to stay up to date on what’s trending among your clients.

Understanding what nutrition trends your clients are buzzing about, what’s the latest in dry shampoo technology, up-and-coming musicians and street style fashion can all help you relate to your clients and provide a better studio experience.

If you pride yourself on building community or creating a culture for your clients, understanding their lives and how fitness fits in is critical. One very effective way to get into the minds of your clients is to read the blogs they frequent.

Here are seven popular consumer blogs that can help you stay on-trend and relate to your clients.

The grande dame of wellness websites, Well+Good never fails to report the latest in fitness, wellness and fashion for people living — or aspiring to live — a healthy lifestyle.

This site is Apartment Therapy’s ode to health-conscious foodies. The content is focused on nurturing the readers’ bodies and homes by publishing 20 posts per day on everything from recipes to cooking lessons to product reviews to kitchen design to renovation advice.

This site posts original and aggregate content that in many ways could be considered the best of beauty, fashion and fitness all on one site. For time-strapped studio owners, this site is a daily one-stop resource.

Super stylish and packed with current and valuable information, this blog published by Equinox easily rivals sites by GQ and Men’s Health. Music, fitness and nutrition are all covered in a man-friendly way.

As you already know, just about everyone with Internet access is hitting up BuzzFeed daily. The digestible posts on its Food page not only give you great conversation starters, they also provide plenty of social media fodder for those days when you are feeling writer’s block.

Minimalism is having a real moment right now, and Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are the Minimalist poster children. Their blog is chock-full of insights and inspirations to help you understand the trend and share ideas.

This blog by New York magazine posts some of the oddest yet most interesting articles about physical and emotional wellness online. From articles like “Exercise Might Mitigate the Effects of Bullying” to “Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work; Here is What Does,” this site provides incredible insight into what makes people tick and incredibly fun reporting on health trends.