When it comes to social media for your studio, Instagram is one of the top networks to be on. Besides its growing popularity for users in the same demographic as those who attend boutique fitness classes, it’s also home to so many fitness communities and inspiring fitness hashtags. Yet having a beautiful Instagram feed, creating original content, and posting on a regular basis is a lot to ask—especially when handling the Instagram feed isn’t exactly your full time job.

That’s where user-generated content (UGC) comes into play. When clients take photos of your studio or in class, they’re not only giving you free word-of-mouth marketing, but they’re also creating unique, and often quality content that you can share on your own channel. The question then becomes: How do you get more UGC? We offer a few steps to make your studio Instagram-friendly and encourage users to share your studio on social media.

While selfies may be taking the Internet by storm, not everyone is comfortable putting themselves out there in that way. There’s also the added pressure of taking a selfie in public, which may make a person feel self-conscious. Counteract this by encouraging your instructors to proactively offer to take photos after class. Often, this gives clients a huge confidence boost and could even inspire them to take a picture when they didn’t plan to. Instructors make your clients feel good all throughout class and they can keep making them feel good by encouraging them to capture the moment of triumph once they’ve finished a great workout!

Some clients have no problem taking selfies and likely have full Instagram feeds of just that! Utilizing the mirrors in your studio, create a station that compels a selfie. You can use markers, stickers, decals or anything that will differentiate this selfie from the one they could take at any other studio.

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Asking for a photo doesn’t have to be awkward. Nobody knows your studio better than you: you know where the best light hits and where clients can get the best shots, so be prepared to suggest poses or moves that they can do so the picture can look like they’re really in class. The client will be appreciative that you’re invested in helping them beyond just the class exercises; it’s a great way to build camaraderie with your members.

When it comes to studio space, you want to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. There’s nothing an Instagrammer loves more than a cool quote or sign. Whether it’s a neon sign, interesting wallpaper or an inspiring quote for the wall, this little detail can be the thing that gets you more UGC than ever before.

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Explore Pinterest or your own social media feeds to find inspiration for your favorite quotes, colors or ideas to get the creative juices flowing. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your placement! Stairs, ceilings, locker room doors and shower walls are all places to have a little fun with your brand.

It’s possible that clients are already creating UGC and you just don’t know about it! The easiest way to stay on top of UGC is to encourage clients use a hashtag you’re familiar with. It’s your opportunity to set the tone for the message. And if they aren’t using your desired hashtag, or they don’t know what handle to tag, you could miss out on a lot of images. Make it incredibly clear where they can find you on Instagram with in-store signage as well as placement in emails and other touch points, such as business cards or flyers. If you are promoting or encouraging a specific hashtag, make sure that is included as well!