Many companies provide corporate wellness options, but how many programs actually succeed?  Results vary along surveys and studies, but there is one universal reality amongst every wellness program – there is always a percentage of employees who simply don’t engage in what is provided.  And for those who do engage, there can always be an improvement in the consistency and commitment of employees involved in their company’s wellness program.

According to Employee Benefits News (EBN), “Despite all the employees currently engaged with employer wellness programs, there are still a significant number of non-participants — nearly 60% — who remain outside of these programs.”  They go on to list five things employees are looking for in a wellness program, a couple of which include convenience and a more personalized approach.

Corporate wellness should be customizable

Maintaining and achieving a healthy lifestyle is certainly a personal journey – one that must balance individual preferences, schedules and abilities.  It’s understandable that many might be discouraged by a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness that some companies provide. However, is this kind of flexibility and customization even possible or manageable?  Surely companies can’t be expected to offer anything and everything to every individual in hopes of catering to each personal preference?

Perhaps this hasn’t been traditionally expected, but the up-and-coming generation of millennials will expect greater flexibility and more options from their employers.  An article by Fast Company addresses this very point, “As millennials grow into one third of the total U.S. workforce, companies now look for more targeted ways to get them healthy. Younger generations want something familiar, flexible, and, well, trendy…As millennials come to expect more personalized and customized experiences, it makes sense to meet them where they already are.”

Employees want boutique fitness options

As overwhelming as it may initially seem, there is a way to offer customizable wellness options to today’s workforce. Unconventional compared to traditional fitness programs, more and more individuals are looking for the “boutique fitness” experience, as well as the ability to piece together fitness classes from different studios to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Companies see the allure of this method, as it allows every person in your organization take an individual approach to their health.  Tom can take yoga, boxing, and cycling, while Charlotte might enjoy swimming, barre, and strength training. With boutique fitness, everyone gets what they want.

In an article written by Workforce, they address this trend directly, “Access to boutique fitness studios is also becoming an appealing voluntary benefit. Now, some employers are sponsoring access to both small studios and big box gyms with the help of tech-forward companies that aggregate multiple fitness facilities into single-point networks… boutique fitness classes appear to engage employees in healthy long-term behaviors. Some progressive HR pros are wondering if they’ve finally found the holy grail of employer-sponsored fitness programs. The answer: maybe.”

When integrating boutique fitness, employers effectively address two of the most common complaints amongst employees who don’t engage in their company’s wellness program: lack of convenience and customization.  There is a way to go beyond the traditional wellness programs of the past and meet the desires of today’s workforce.

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