All Level Megaformer at HIP Fitness

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by HIP Fitness and were last updated on 9/2/22.

Extra sanitation

HIP has added additional sanitation stations as well as additional cleaning protocols. The safety of our clients and crew are very important to us!

Limited capacity

We have limited our studio and extended time between classes as an additional precaution.

Temperature checks

All staff and clients will be required to have their temperatures's checked. Anyone with a temperature of 100F or above, will be asked to return when they're feeling better.

Limited amenity access

Showers, towel service, water fountains, will be off limits until further notice. The touch-less water bottle dispenser will be available for refills.

Wed, Dec 7
45 min

Sandi Kobs
45 min

Randi Allard
45 min

Randi Allard
45 min

Randi Allard

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